this is a story about a girl and her twisted life with bullies. her life flips around when a certen someone stands up for her. will her life change for the better or for the worse?

copy write: 2016
Update day: Wednesday. If I don't update I'm probably busy with homework. Thanks!


6. ch 6

Kali's pov

Pitch black. That was what I saw. Icon lent move, could see. I was trapped. I heard things though, a door open, footsteps. Whispers.

"Kali, it's Harry. Can you hear me?" I hear.

I wanted to scream, and shout. But I couldn't. I couldn't do anything but hear.

"Kali, please. We need you!" I hear Niall. I'm so sad. I can't help it. I cry. I shed tears but don't show any expressions. A warm hand slips through my cold one and I stop. I Focus. I try to pull though. It get lighter and lighter, and finally, I move my hand. But then I'm falling.

I fall down into the darkness. THEN, I stop.

Important message below. Please read

Hey guys! Another cliff hanger here. I need a co-author. Anyone could be it I will just have to tell you all the rules. 1 no publishing. Just writing. I'll publish. 2 no swear words. (Unless you guys say you want swear words in the comments.) 3 no sexual things without my permission. 4 you are allowed to fix things in my writings as long as they aren't major changes.

Good luck!!!

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