Hiding Away In Your Love

Caroline grew up in the small state of South Carolina. Her family was rich, her father owned millions of business across the US. Her parents were happily married. When she turned 23, she married the love of her life, though she thought. 8 years of her marriage was constant brutal beatings from her husband, constant verbal fights, constant rape, hospital visits, and a few miscarriages, ect. Will Caroline finally get the courage to run away and hopefully keep her identity a secret and find her true love, or will she stay and deal with the constant fighting and arguments?


3. Thank you

 I've been walking for hours, my feet are killing me, I don't know where I'm going, but I do know I need to get a bus ticket before sun down, and I'm sure that's only a few more hours away. I think I'm just going to walk to this old lady's house and see if she can help me...

I knock on the door and a women, about 4'8 with grey hair and the cutest little face ever, opens the door. 

"Can I help you darling?" She looks at me like I've been through hell, and I have, so it's no shock.

"Um..My..my um...hus-" I can't speak..it's like my mouth doesn't even want me to get help..

"Your husband?" She gives me a worries look, "has he been abusing you love?" 

I quickly nod..shivering..

"Oh sweetheart, come on in, you poor thing! We can get you all cleaned up!" She opens the door for me, as I walk in slowly, very nervously..

"Come with me, I have an extra bedroom, and some of my daughters clothes you can wear, she never visits anyway," She says with a sad expression on her face, "the bathroom is in the spare room and just come down when you feel like it and we can talk some more.." 

"I couldn't stay here ma'am...I wouldn't want to be a burden" I interrupt..

"It won't be a problem, if you would like, when you are ready I could give you enough money to get on a bus and leave, and enough to last you until you can get a job." 

"Thank you so much, but I couldn't take your money, in honesty." 

She laughs, "Listen Caroline, it won't be a problem," she hands me 500 dollars in cash, "Now go put it up stairs and come back down, dinner is ready" 

I feel bad for having this, but I'm not going to argue with a little old lady, so I go upstairs and hide the cash under the pillow case and I quickly go back downstairs to smell delicious food. 

"Thank you so much again, I will pay you back." I smile as I eat, "this is really good"

"Welcome thank you darling, its my secret recipe, I will give it to you before you leave" 

I smile and as the night falls me and Gretchen, talk all night long.. 



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