Hiding Away In Your Love

Caroline grew up in the small state of South Carolina. Her family was rich, her father owned millions of business across the US. Her parents were happily married. When she turned 23, she married the love of her life, though she thought. 8 years of her marriage was constant brutal beatings from her husband, constant verbal fights, constant rape, hospital visits, and a few miscarriages, ect. Will Caroline finally get the courage to run away and hopefully keep her identity a secret and find her true love, or will she stay and deal with the constant fighting and arguments?


5. Cold Hard Ground

                                                                             *James POV*

"She is gone James, just get up now.." 

"She left..."

"You let her win, now go find her!"

My memory is faded, my sight is clouded, and all I'm hearing is these voices telling me some girl is gone...

"Caroline, she left you ungrateful bastard!"

I quickly get up, just to find blood on my side, and blood on the floor. Ouch! This hurts so much, I'm so dizzy...I need to call 911...

"911, whats your emergency?"

"I uh...ma'am.."

"Sir? Are you there?..Sir? Sir we are on the way, hang in there."

Everything faded into darkness...the ground is just to cold to focus on anything these people are saying...I just need to get up, and find Caroline, she didn't leave..she has to be here somewhere. "Caroline? Baby! Where are you!" It just echos...everything goes silent as my body is lifted up and taken away...I can't be dead can I?

                                                               *Few Hours Later*

"Sir? We need you to wake up for us, we need to do an examination."

"Where am I?" I slowly open my eyes to observe my surrounding, "Why am I here?" I panic. 

"Sir you were stabbed in the side, we had to do surgery to save your organs. You've lost a lot of blood, so you need to relax, police are on their way to come question you." She checks all these wires connected to me and then writes some shit down, then I grab her arm. "Tell me where the hell my wife is" 

"Wife? Can you tell me her name? I'll go find her." 

"Caroline Corey" 

She nods and lets the police in.

"Sir I'm sergeant Mclean, I need to ask you a few questions regarding the moments that lead to you being stabbed.."

"I just want my wife"

"Was she there at the scene?"

"She is the one that stabbed me, but it was a misunderstanding, we were arguing and that's the last thing I remember"

"And you said her name was Caroline Corey? Any idea where she must be?"

I hesitate, I don't want her locked up, she wouldn't survive..

"Um, the lake down the road from our house, she always goes there when we fight.."

"And how often do you guys argue?"

"6 times away, I'm usually at work..but we are fine, we just need a break from each other.."

"Do you abuse your wife? Or does she abuse you?"

"I would never hit a women! But come on man, she stabbed me, what do you think? She beats me constantly, now can I just sleep, I'm so tired, please find my wife and bring her to me." 

He nods, "we will come back for more information later, rest well."

Oh thank god, did he really think I was going to admit to beating that ungrateful slut? Ha. No. Wonder how she is going to like it in prison, stupid bitch should have never crossed me. 


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