Hiding Away In Your Love

Caroline grew up in the small state of South Carolina. Her family was rich, her father owned millions of business across the US. Her parents were happily married. When she turned 23, she married the love of her life, though she thought. 8 years of her marriage was constant brutal beatings from her husband, constant verbal fights, constant rape, hospital visits, and a few miscarriages, ect. Will Caroline finally get the courage to run away and hopefully keep her identity a secret and find her true love, or will she stay and deal with the constant fighting and arguments?


4. A New Journey

    I woke up around noon and greeted Gretchen in the kitchen, with a little bag of clothes, with the money that she gave me.

"Leaving so soon are we?" She giggles, "I hate to see you go, I'm going to miss you.." 

"I'm going to miss you as well, but I'll make sure to call you, and write you." I hug her tightly.

"Good, as soon as you get somewhere safe, good luck, and safe travels." She smiles as I walk to the cab in the front. I wave my last goodbye and enter the cab. "Bus stop please" 

                                                                             *Later that day*     

    Ugh, I had bus rides so much. You either sit alone, or beside some old man that farts, some weird lady that tries to do experiments on the bus, or the comedian, who thinks all his jokes are funny and that he is going to make it to the top. Well, I tries to sit by my self, but no, some old fat man had to sit beside me half way to Athens NY. Just one more stop, you can do this.

"Ladies and Gentleman, we are coming to a rest stop, so if you have to go to the bathroom or get food, now is the time, we only have 3 more hours till we reach our destination. You may leave your stuff on the bus, but its not recommended since we are picking up new people on this stop. Be back in 15." 

Oh thank god, maybe the old man will move. I just have to pee like really badly. 

                                                                        *15 minutes later*

Thank god that old man moved, but now there is someone sitting in my seat with a hoodie on, he looks really creepy...whats the worse that could happen? 

"Um, hi, you don't mind if I sit here do you?" I try and give him the kindest smile I can. 

He looks up at me with his beautiful green eyes and his freshly cut brown hair. Wow..

"Of course not love, take a seat." His voice is amazing, he has a thick British accent. 

"Thank you," I smile, "If you don't mind me asking, why are you here in America? Your accent tells me that you are from England."

He laughs, "I'm actually visiting some friends, we have some business to discuss." He smirks,

"All the way in America?"

"I just recently moved to America, temporarily, that's all you need to know babe. Enough about me, whats your story."

"Um..I am just, I'm getting away, and starting fresh.." I bite my lip

"Are you sure? You don't seem so sure of that answer.." 


"Are you running away?" 

"Um...I'm just going to put my headphones in now..." I say as I put them in and start music..

He takes one last look at me, nods, and does the same..That was so close, no one can know..


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