Learn To Love

Coffee shops are good places for meeting new people. The only problem is that these two don't want to know each other. Kinsey Adan Catte and Jaxon Kilee Malon are two people who met in the coffee shop Java for You. This is a story about two young and naive lovers who will learn the hardships of life. I'll probably end up doing a series on this book.


5. Kinsey April 7th, 2016


    Well, the interview starts today.  I’m all dressed up in my flowy, soft, white blouse, and a white pencil skirt.  Wearing my black high heel ankle boots I think will tie the outfit together.  I almost text Raven a picture and ask her how it looks, and stop myself.  Kinsey, you need to remember that Raven has irritated you to the last straw.  You need to show her that you can survive without her. This is what I’m thinking to myself as I drive to Java For You, the coffee shop I’ve been going to lately.  I look at the clock and realize that with this traffic it was a good thing that I left about an hour early.  Midtown traffic is absolutely terrible, and on a Friday morning it’s even worse.  By the time I get there I have to pay for a parking garage instead of searching for a spot.  I run to the coffee shop and next thing I know I burst in the door panting.

“I’m here, I’m here.”  I wheez.  I look up and discover that the place is packed full of people, and all of them are staring at ME!  My face probably matches the color of an apple and to make it worse all I do is stand there.  Simone sees me and saves my honor.

“Kinsey,”  she says with a smile,  “you’re right on time for our interview!  Here, just follow me into the back room.”  Jeez, what is it with these people.  Have they never almost been late to an interview?  I think as about 100 eyes follow me into the back of the cafe.

“So, how was your drive over?  Especially with the Friday morning traffic.”

“Hmm?  Oh, it was long and I was still almost late to my first job interview, even with an hour early departure.  On another topic that is a LOT of coffee beans.  That’s what… somewhere around“

“200 bags of coffee beans?  Yeah.”  Simone sighed.  “But instead of talking about coffee beans, why don’t you go and nail your interview.”  she said as we stopped at a doorway.  Without even looking at her I could tell Simone was grinning from ear to ear.  I entered the new room and hoped it would change my life.

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