Learn To Love

Coffee shops are good places for meeting new people. The only problem is that these two don't want to know each other. Kinsey Adan Catte and Jaxon Kilee Malon are two people who met in the coffee shop Java for You. This is a story about two young and naive lovers who will learn the hardships of life. I'll probably end up doing a series on this book.


15. Kinsey April 27th, 2016

Time for Kinsey’s birthday party. Everybody was told to get there sometime around 5:00, but Jaxon being Jaxon misheard her.



    Ding Dong.  I wanna know which one of my partygoers would be showing up at 3:00, which means they’re 2 hours early.  Running to the door I take a quick look through the bay window in the front of my house and see his familiar spiky, dark blonde hair as well as that beautiful golden skin acting as a background for the dark blue tuxedo.  I quick smooth out my royal blue, halter, chiffon upper chest, special occasions dress, and answer the door.

    “Hi.  Umm, here come in.”  I pause a little when I see what he’s wearing.  A dark navy blue tux with a skinny navy blue tie. You can see he feels out of place in the tuxedo but with his slightly tanned skin he looks perfect.  Jaxon has trimmed up his dark blonde hair a little, shaved, brought out a newer looking pair of black glasses (that really make his hazel eyes pop), and he’s holding a bouquet of flowers.

“Oh.  Thank you,”  he stammers,  “and these are for you.”

“Jaxon, you didn’t have to.”

“Ohh, but I just did.” he says smiling and breaking the tension.

“Here, let me put them in a vase, and I will be right back.”  I say over my shoulder as I walk into the kitchen.  I can tell that Jaxon is right behind me seeing if I need anything or want any help.  

“Want me to get you some water for the vase? Because I feel pretty useless just standing here doing nothing and watching you do all of the work.”

“Why?  Because you do realize that that’s what’s been happening at work lately?”  I say giggling.

“I haven’t been staring at you at work.  All I do is casually observe you from the sidelines for the boss.”  he says smiling.

“Anyway,”  I say turning to face him, away from the flowers,  “what would you like to drink? I do have some champagne or I have all of the regular party beverages.”

“Maybe a small flute of champagne for now.”

“Well then.  I hope there’s no specific type of champagne that you like.”

“As long as it’s bubbly and crisp, I’ll love it.  I assure you.”  he says, smiling at me.

“Okie-dokie then.”  I pour myself a flute and then I pour a flute for Jaxon.  Handing Jaxon the champagne I start to sip my drink and think about the real reason that Jaxon might be here.

“So, Jaxon, what have you been doing lately?  I mean, I know you’ve been at work and I know what work’s like. But other than work what’ve you been doing?”

“Well, umm, I actually discovered the other day that I’m in love with someone. First time for everything. Right?”  When he says this this I go slightly rigid, but I’m also slightly relieved because Jaxon could, possibly like me.  I wonder if he might tell me who exactly he likes?

“Who do you like?” I ask, only to have Jaxon shake his head and pull out a little box.

“Here,”  he said, handing me the box,  “it’s for you. For your birthday.”  I smile as I take the tiny, gift wrapped box from Jaxon and open it.  After I finish with the wrapping paper, I open the jewellery box.

“Oh, Jaxon.  You didn’t.  No you wouldn’t, not unless you love-”  I look at him like a deer in headlights.  I stand up, hold on to the box, walk over to him, and ask him to put the beautiful, diamond, Ying-Yang necklace.  After he finishes clasping the necklace I turn around, look him straight in the eye, and I kiss him.  The kiss was the first and best one I’ve ever had.  It was tender, caring, loving, and everything that love was meant to be.  I loved it and I love him.

    “I love you, Jaxon Malon.”  I mumble as we kiss.  And I really do love him.

    “I love you too, Kinsey Catte.”  he mumbles back.  But instead of keeping the kiss going forever, I pull back and look at my lover.

    “I love you.  Kinsey, I really do love you.”  Jaxon says to me as I try not to blush.  I just realized how abrupt I must have seemed.  It’s not like I just go up to random strangers that I think like me and kiss them.

“Jaxon, I’m really sorry if I made you uncomfortable.  I just thought that because you bought me the necklace, and you just seem different around me and- I’m just really sorry.  If you want to leave I wouldn’t blame you.”  I say as I turn beet red.

“Kinsey, why would I want to leave when I’m already having the best time ever?  And just in case you didn’t hear me earlier I said that I love you.”  

“You really do?  As in, boyfriend/girlfriend?”  I manage to stammer.

“Yes, as in boyfriend/girlfriend.”  he says to me, smiling.

“Okay.  I think I can deal with that.”  I say giggling.

“I haven’t even asked you yet.”  he says giving me his signature look.

“Too bad.  I already have you all figured out.”  I say smiling and laughing.

“You’ll be learning a LOT more about me.  Especially as we grow together.”  I just laugh and kiss him again.

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