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Coffee shops are good places for meeting new people. The only problem is that these two don't want to know each other. Kinsey Adan Catte and Jaxon Kilee Malon are two people who met in the coffee shop Java for You. This is a story about two young and naive lovers who will learn the hardships of life. I'll probably end up doing a series on this book.


4. Jaxon April 6th, 2016

Jaxon   April 6th, 2016

    Thank goodness!  That Kinsey girl hasn’t come back today, just our regulars so far.  But of course right as we’re starting to close up guess who comes strutting through the door.  Well, it wasn’t necessarily a strut, as more of a slow, sad, shamble.  I wonder what’s up with her today?

“No coffee for me today.  I actually just came in here because I saw you were hiring.  I was going to ask when a good time for an interview would be?”

“Maybe you could come tomorrow?”  Simone said.  I think she replied  because she remembers that I hate Kinsey.

“Sure what time?”  I snapped my head up out of my trance.

“How about 12:30?”  Kinsey just nodded her head and then she started to talk with Simone.

“Simone, I think I’ll finish packing up my stuff and then head out.”  I said after tapping her on the shoulder.

“Oh, yeah. Ok.”  When she said it you could tell that she was completely focused on Kinsey not me.  45 minutes after 6:00 I was at my friend’s, Kameron,  house because I was getting my apartment remodeled.

“So, Jaxon, have you found someone that you might like yet?  Cause, buddy, I still have the same girlfriend I had in the 10th grade.”

“Yeah, I know.  But with my job I needed the money but I also thought it would help me meet people.  I mean have you ever seen how…….”

“Different people act in public?”

“Yeah different.”  I finished.

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