I Want You

Bailey come from being the one with no love, to the love of her life.


1. Chapter 1



"Bailey, have you ever thought of dating Tory?", asked my best friend, Emily. I nod my head yes. His dreamy blue eyes and wavy brown hair, who couldn't?

"I know you did!" , she says punching me in the arm. We were walking through the hallways on our way out the school, when suddenly, Tory steps in front of me. Well, more likely bumped into me and Emily. He turns around and stares into my hazel eyes deeply.

"Oh sorry Bailey.", he says quickly. He knows my name?!

I nod, and Emily and I quickly run outside.

"Oh my gosh! You saw the way he looked at you!", yelled Emily.

"I know I saw, and his dreamy eyes!", I yell with her.

After we settle down, we make our way to the ice cram parlor, and walk into the frosty, cold parlor. The shiny blue painting and lights lit up the parlor, making everything feel nice and cozy.

"How can I help you two ladies?", asked the lady at the desk.

"Two ice cream cones with two scoops of blue ice cream, sprinkles, and gummy bears.", says Emily. She knows me so well. We both like entirely the same things, except the type of guys we like. Speaking of that, Emily's boyfriend, Flabeo walks in and gives Emily a big hug and kiss.

" I missed you, where were you?" , she asked Flabeo paid for our ice cream.

"My sister broke her leg, so I left early.", he says as we all sit down. I joyfully lick my ice cream.

"Oh yeah, Tory wanted to meet up with you afterschool tomorrow Bailey.", says Flabeo as he secretly licks Emily's ice cream. They are such a cute couple. I nod, and we only quickly eat the ice cream and head home.

"Hey bunny, how was school.", says my dad as I walk into the house. I wave and giggle at the word "bunny".

"Where's mom?", I ask looking around.

 "Her schedule changed, so she wont be home till nine.", he says.

I nod understanding, and quickly place my stuff down and help clean up the house. I sweep the kitchen and mop the floors, wash the dishes, dust the couches, vacuum, make dinner, wash the clothes, and clean my room up. My dad and I eat, and go separate ways. He goes to the living room to watch football, and I go up to my room. I take out my pajamas, and quickly hop in the shower soaking my hair and body.
I then get out, and Tory image flashes across me. I have a date with Tory tomorrow! I pull out some black jeans, and red thin hoodie, and a black beanie to wear for tomorrow, and some black vans.
 I excitingly jump into bed and sleep soundly





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