Dying to be the best

She's always around, I can't stand her. The worst thing, she's perfect, she does nothing wrong. It's time for her to get hers.


5. The new me


"It was her!" Alicia yelled as soon as she made sure no one else was in the bathroom. "Who?" I asked, confused. "Anne" Katy replied. "Anne did what?" I asked. "She pushed you, just right now!" Alicia told me. "Are you sure it was her?" I asked. "Yes, it was!" They cried. "I thought you didn't want me to blame her," I said. "I thought you didn't want my magically stolen jersey and CD brought up, and my hair!" I yelled. "I said I was sorry about arguing the other day!" Katy apologized again. "Anyways" Alicia said, "We can prove she purposely pushed you." "How's that?" I asked. "We were filming you..." Katy whispered. "What?" I asked. "Before you get mad, let us explain!" Alicia cried. "Than explain!" I yelled. "We were going to show you, the way he looked at you. He's clearly in love, you can tell. So, we videotaped him, to show you how obvious you guys make it that you're in love." Alicia explained. They showed me the video. Sure enough, Anne had been behind me. She had picked up her backpack. She had stood the wheels up. She had shoved them into me, and she had pushed my back. She had turned quickly when I had fallen. On her face the whole time was a smile. "No way.." I whispered, "I knew she was weird!" "You aren't letting her get away with it, we're going to her house," Katy said, staring at me. "What?" I demanded. "She lives right by Alicia, we're not letting her get past bullying you," Katy confirmed. "But, I don't know..." I moaned. "All we're going to do is tell her she needs to leave you alone, or else," Alicia told me. "We're going!" They laughed in unison. We walked to Alicia's house in silence. "That's her house," Katy pointed at a one story house. We knocked on the door, no one answered. Music blared out a window. I glanced in the slit in the blinds. I didn't know whether to be mad or scared at what I saw next. I saw Anne, wearing my green and black #6 jersey. Anne, spinning in a circle and smiling. Anne, holding the chopped off brown ponytail in her hand. Anne, smiling and singing to "dançar a noite toda." Alicia, Katy, and I all stood and stared. "Let's go, now!" Katy cried. I thought she meant go home, which I wanted to do. "Okay..." I dumbly grumbled. Before I knew it, Alicia and Katy were stomping past the unlocked front door and down the hall. I was mortified, but I stupidly followed. As Katy opened the door to the room Anne was in, I gasped even more. Anne gasped as we entered. She stood there with her mouth open, not knowing how to react. I stood with the same expression on my face. Strung all along the walls were pictures. All of them were pictures of me. Pictures of me searching for my jersey. Pictures of me walking down the hall. Pictures of me playing with my hair. Pictures of me talking to my friends. A framed and giant picture of me with my back turned, my hair down to my butt, before it was cut. Nobody knew what to say. Just then, Anne's sister came home. "Why's everyone here?" She asked. "Anne, why do you have pictures of her?" Sh asked, pointing to the wall, covered in my face. "Get out!" Anne shouted, shoving her sister through the door. I screamed as she lunged for her. I was afraid she would lung for me next. But she didn't, she did the opposite. "I love your hair," She said, in a high pitched baby voice,"It's so pretty. But, you have everything you need. I wanted hair like yours." I watched as Anne kept talking in this voice. "I wanted nice hair, like this," She went on. Next, she grabbed a huge strip of tape. We all watched horrified as she taped my chopped off ponytail to her head. Just then, a man burst in the room. Her sister stood next to him. "Dad!" Anne cried, then she turned to her sister. Anne's sister watched all of us, then turned to her father. "I told you Dad, she's doing it again!" I was utterly confused. "Anne, we talked about jealously." Anne's father talked quietly. "I don't care, I don't care anymore. I don't want to be here. I want to be back in the hospital!" Anne yelled. "Anne, we'll talk later," Her father tried to calm her down. "I said I want to be back in the hospital, I said so!" Anne continued shouting. "I want to be gone longer this time, more than the three months last time!" She kept shrieking. Just as we left, Anne shouted. "But I will be the next Reagan, I will be the best! I am the best, maybe I am Reagan!" Anne's father shoved Anne into a car. Just before he drove away, I watched Alicia and Katy. "She was weird," Katy whispered. "She was dying to be perfect," I said, as I looked back at the car driving to wherever it may be going. The last thing I saw was Anne hanging out the window, still wearing my jersey and still having my hair taped to her head.

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