"I love you, Thomas."

Your best Maze Runner dream come true.


2. 7 Years Later

"Hey Babe?", I ask, turning the corner from the kitchen into the living room in Thomas and I's small duplex of a home. He nods when I walk in. He gazes at me. I giggle. I am only wearing lingerie. Pink lace, too.  He jumps up and grabs me. He begins to kiss me, and I moan out of pleasure. His soft lips move from my lips to my neck to by chest. He puts me don on the couch then lays gently on me. I feel a hard spot from inside the shorts that he wears. I pull his shirt off, followed by his shorts and underwear. He removes my panties, then my bra. He kisses me more, and I moan some more. He moans as he slides his hard boner into me. I giggle more and moan. 

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