Sailing for England

Catherine's father is an captain, and she wants to be just like him. The seas are now a battlefield, and sailors are the soldiers.


1. Two Weeks and No Arrival

Catherine Carter lived by the port. Ships would come in and out and she could hear their bells. It was an awfully dangerous place, but Catherine’s father was a sailor, so having a house by the port was essential. Thomas Carter was more than a sailor. He was a Captain. And he was Catherine’s dad.


Catherine’s dad had been gone a year, and they were arranged, if everything went well, to arrive two weeks ago. But today, when people had started to give up hope, Catherine heard bells.


“Mother!” Catherine was braiding her hair. Even with no response, Catherine rushed down the stairs, and was about to fly through the door when her mother caught her.


“Catherine, what are you doing?” Catherine’s dress billowed out from under her as she ran.

“That is not lady-like.” Catherine’s mother gave a stern look.


“I’m sorry Mother, but I heard bells, the ship is here! The ship with father!” Mother and Catherine’s faces lit up.


And Catherine ran out the door.

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