Hollywood High

Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and Bridget Mendller share a room at Hollywood High school.


12. Three busy bumble bees

Taylor just got back from her next book club meeting, it's been a month since class started at Hollywood High. She carried a big pile of books and plopped down on the kitchen chair and flipped through the pages of the top book. Miley was asleep on the couch, her pile of books were on the ground next to her. Bridget's books were scattered alpha dearly around the table. Taylor forced down a bowlful of wreak and picked up her bag. She had cheerleading practice, and both Miley and Bridget were cut from the squad try outs yesterday. Locking the door, Taylor walked quickly to the gym.

Miley awoke five minutes after Taylor left, Taylor's books were piled neatly on the table. Bridget was stuffing her self with doughnuts and was trying to read a page from the book she held. Miley looked at her watch. Miley had to hurry. It was about time for her knitting circle. He knew that Bridget had to leave for singing lessons. Miley grabbed her knitting bag and dragged Bridget out.

The three girls came back that evening, tired and hungry. "Wanna eat with Melly, Demi, Ari and Laura?" Miley asked as they trudged past the lunch table which sat Max, Liam, Mark and Zina. "I guess," Taylor groaned. "I'm too tired to be civil." Bridget said. She looked completely drained. "Well, we've ditched them three times already this week." Miley said, looking at the group. "Ugh, let's get this eating business over with." Taylor said and Bridget and Miley followed her. "Oh hi Tay, Bri, Miles!" Melly shouted, running toward them. She hugged them each by turn. "We've missed you." Demi said, making room for the three girls. "We have missed you too." Miley said, helping her self to the plate full of mashed potatoes. "Don't tell me you signed up for everything you could?" Melly asked as she watched Bridget fill her plate and then fell asleep and landed face first in to her potato salad. Miley nodded and almost dunked her head in her green bean casserole. "Oh you three! You shouldn't have done that. Now you won't be able to be on Channel four tomorrow." Melly said, looking furious at her friends. "We thought it'd be fun." Bridget said, cleaning her face. "Oh well?" Melly asked. "Oh well what?" Taylor asked, who was dozing off. "Well what groups are you going to sign off of?" Melly asked, looking annoyed as Bridget thinker her head on the table and began snoring. "I am a cheerleader!" Taylor said, "I can't leave now!"

"I know how it feels to be a cheerleader, I'm not asking you to leave that squad. But there must bet something." Melly said, looking panicky. "I guess I can stop a few things," Miley yawned, scratching her forehead and leaving potato on her face. She didn't notice. "I have bunches I can leave," Taylor said, reaching over to Miley and wiped off the mashed potato on her head. "I can leave a lot too." Came Bri's response. "Good!" Melly said, and dug in to her food.

It was hard for Miley to tell her five groups/clubs that she was stupid for taking on too much. But she did,. Now she had a lot of days to focus on her other five groups/clubs and school. Taylor on the other hand, had six groups to leave. And it wasn't easy for her. But she did and joined Miley crying. Bri was crying on her first departure of a group. She had seventeen groups. But she finished and sobbed next to Taylor.

Melly was delighted when Taylor, Miley and Bri showed up that afternoon just before channel four could come.

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