Hollywood High

Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and Bridget Mendller share a room at Hollywood High school.


2. Taylor's POV

"Taylor! You got a letter from Hollywood High!" My mom shouted from across the hall. My twin brother Terry was asleep next to my room, I could hear him stirring. "Great Tessa, my mom knows that Terry is busy. Why does she always shout when he gets some shut eye." I said to my phone. Tessa laughed. "Go get the letter." She said and I walked out of my room, listening to my brother snoring slightly. I giggled to Tessa. "Aww so cute." I said, taking the letter from my mother's bureau. I opened it, and tried to hold back a scream of delight.

Dear Taylor Swift,

You've been accepted to Hollywood high school, congratulations, if you do great in these four years, you might get a scholarship. Please arrive her two weeks before summer ends.

I read it to my mom and Tessa. They both screamed. "What's with all this noise?" Terry asked, rubbing his eyes. "Taylor got in to Hollywood High." Mom cried, hugging me close. I smiled a little. I was so excited to be accepted, but I'd have to leave mom, dad, my twin brother, and my six year old sister Julie, I'd miss them. I don't know if I want to leave.

A/n, I've added new characters to the story. I know that those aren't her brother or sister, but that's how I want my story to be. Hope you have enjoyed the first chapter.

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