Hollywood High

Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and Bridget Mendller share a room at Hollywood High school.


8. Miley's POV

The day flew by quickly. Taylor, Bridget and I sat on the couch, feeling exhausted. "We have a lot to tour tomorrow," Taylor said, rubbing her eyes. "Don't!" I groaned. "I don't want to tour anything until I get some sleep and some food in me." Bridget said, closing her eyes. We all crashed out on the couch barely able to get up.

I woke up feeling horrible. I was on the floor, my arms under my head. Bridget was next to me, curled up in to a ball. I looked at my watch. It was 10:00 P.M.

"Girls!" I called, shaking Bridget. Taylor woke up first. She was on the couch, her phone beside her. "Wha? What's up?" She asked, looking down at me. "We slept all afternoon," I said as Bridget yawned and stretched her arms out, barely punching me in the face. "Really?" She asked. "Yep." I said, showing them the time. "I'm starved," she said, standing up. "I know how to cook hot dogs and burgers?" Taylor suggested. "I know how to make potato salad?" I put in. "Chili anyone?" Bridget asked. We laughed as we headed to the kitchen.

Taylor's POV

After we made our dishes, we chatted and laughed for about two hours. "So girls, are you crushin on someone here or back at home?" I asked, a gleam of interest in my eyes. "Liam Cappernick is a student here." Bridget said, smiling and going red. "Oooooh please tell." Miley and I said. So Bidget talked about the gorgeous Liam. "We known each other from childhood." She said., "We were the best of friends. When we turned thirteen, he asked me out. I asked my parents and they agreed that he was a nice good looking boy. We wrote songs together and used my big sister's empty you tube account to put ourselves out there. Then we applied for Hollywood High." She concluded. "Wow." Miley and I said. "Well, I'm happy for you." I said. "Who are you crushing on?" Bridget asked. I smiled a little. "Well, his name is Tommy Aaronson. He's so nice and sweet." I said, feeling a blush on my face. "Is he here?" Miley asked. "Nope, doesn't have a talented bone in his body.' I said smiling. "Awww." Both girls said. "No worries. We're not really dating, but I don miss him." I said. "So Miles who's your beau?" I asked, changing the subject of choice to Miley who was cleaning the dishes. "Nick Jonas is pretty cute." Miley whispered. "Ugh, that kid!" Bridget gagged. "He's okay." I said, staring at Miley. Nick and his brothers go to Hollywood high. "Well, I'm off to bed." Miley yawned. "Good night girls." I said, following Miley.

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