Hollywood High

Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and Bridget Mendller share a room at Hollywood High school.


11. Melissa's POV

"Oh yay, I'm glad you got here before I did." I said as I walked in to the room. Mrs. Jennings was already there, dressed in a long gray dress. Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato were standing there, looking nervous. "Don't be nervous girls. You're going to be fine." I said smiling.

I stood next to Mrs. Jennings and waited expectantly while Demi began to sing.

I was entranced in her lovely strong voice. She was perfect. You've made the band." I said excitedly. She smiled and gave the stage to Ariana who began to shiver. "You'll be fine." Demi whispered, brushing Ariana's hair fro out of her face. When she began to sing, three girls, two blondes and one with brown hair came in. They stopped and stepped aside, listening to Arian's voice. "Yes, you've made it!" I cried, hugging her. "Taylor Swift?" Jennings called. Taylor stepped toward the crying Ariana and stood ready to start. Demi and the other blond haired girl took Ariana and took her out side. I don't know why she's crying. I thought as I listened to Taylor's beautiful country sounding voice fill the room. Jennings smiled, clearly loving her voice. "I love it! you're in." I smiled. I heard the sound of the blond haired girl, the one out side cheering Taylor. "Way to go Tay!" She called, sticking her head in. "What's wrong with Ariana?" The brown haired girl asked. "She's okay. She was shocked that she got in, that she began to cry." The girl said. Demi and Ariana came in then, Ariana looking a bit weary. She sat down on the floor, her back to the wall. "Bridget Mendller?" Jennings asked. The blond girl who helped calm Ariana got up and Wales toward the podium. She sang beautifully. After telling her that she was a part of the bed, three more girls came in. "Miley Cyrus?" Jennings asked. The brown haired girl stepped forward, squeezing Bridget's arm in happiness and began to sing. It was amazing. Soon, we already had Ariana, Demi, Miley, Bridget, and Taylor! It's already growing.

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