Hollywood High

Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and Bridget Mendller share a room at Hollywood High school.


9. Chapter 9

An empty search bar was seen on a computer. Typing out one letter at a time,

Hollywood High School

Female students.

A warning showed up with a password field. A piece of paper was being unfolded, placed on the bottom of the keyboard.

Instructions on how to hack in to Hollywood High School's account.

Back at the school, Principal Barbara Davis noticed this and was furious. Some one hacked in to their account, and was trying to get information about her female pupils. She booted him out, but knew it was too late. The information might have been received.

Back with the computer, a loud obnoxious laugh filled the room. A picture of Taylor, Bridget and Miley were on the computer screen. Their dorm number written at the bottom of the picture.

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