Hollywood High

Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and Bridget Mendller share a room at Hollywood High school.


10. Chapter 10. Assembly and clubs

"Good morning students. Welcome to Hollywood High!" Principal Davis cried, she was wearing a pink blouse with a pretty long skirt. She was tall and slender, with gray white hair. Some students think she's in her early four ties. Some think she's in her late sixties. What they don't know is that she's in her early thirties. She dyes her hair get white, every year, to make her students think she's old but wise. People cheered and clapped. She smiled encouragingly at a young girl with golden blonde hair and baby blue eyes. "We have a lot of amazing things for all students to get involved in. You must take drama, chorus, band and other classes to improve your talent. You will have plenty of opportunities to be on TV, movies, plays etc. There is plenty of groups and clubs you can join. Please join me and welcome Melissa Tanner to the podium. She's a senior and has a lot of things to add to this school." Mrs. Davis said smiling at her. Everyone applauded, a boy shouted his love to her. She smiled brightly at the principal. "Thank you Mrs. Davis." She said, taking out her list from her bag. "Hello everyone! I'm happy to be here for another year. But I'm really excited for next year. I'll be joining my sister Katie in Hollywood University." She said proudly. Everyone clapped and cheered. "But before I leave, I would like to start some things." She said. She cleared her throat and read her paper. "First, I'd like to start a girls' only Acappella group. We'd meet every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at three in Mrs. Jennings chorus class after school." She said. The room was filled with chattering girls. "If you're interested, please meet me tomorrow with Mrs. Jenings in her classroom." She said, and continued to read. "Cheerleading!" She cried, looking at all the girls. "Got cheerleading practice. Meet me every day this week until we got a squad ready." She said. More chatter from the girls. "Book club will meet at the usual coffee shop every other Saturday at 10:00 A.M. If you want to join, please see Debbie Ryan after English class." She said.

And the assembly went on. Students talked about the new school year and the clubs or groups they made. "Are you going to sign up for anything?" Miley asked Taylor and Bridget. "I'm signing up for everything," Bridget said, and the other two agreed.

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