Hollywood High

Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and Bridget Mendller share a room at Hollywood High school.


4. Bridget's POV

"I'm so happy for you Bridge! You're going to the best high school for amazing talented people." Liam said, getting my coat for me as my mom parked in the his driveway. "I hope you get accepted." I said, looking up in to his green eyes. "I doubt it, I'm not half as talented as you are." He said, frowning a little. "Don't say that, just because Kelly and Deric Jefferson think so doesn't mean it's true." I said, smoothing his eyebrows. "You're just saying that because you love me." He said, frowning down at me. I'm an inch or two shorter than he is. "I wouldn't lie to you about talent Liam." I said. He sighed and kissed my eyebrow. "Don't worry about me Bridge, I'll be fine hee." Liam said. "Liam, I'm sure you'll get the letter tomorrow." I said and kissed his cheek. Then I ran out, giving him a final wave and got in to the loud car, which my mother was picking up our large family from several different activities.

I was in dance class a coupe of days later when Liam texted me a picture of his unopened letter. I left immediately after class was over. I got to his house and waited for mom to come out. We sat next to the letter, praying for a good answer. He opened it, began to read and smiled. "I got in!" He shouted, hugging and giving me kisses from the top of head to my lips. "I knew you would." I said, smiling.

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