Answerd love (2)

Calum and Eleanor are back together after they find each other 6 years later. A lot has changed over the few months. Calum is back on the road again with the boys and Elli and Cal bought a house. Eleanor was expecting a child from Andrew but he doesn't want to take care of the baby. Will Cal's and Elli's relationship work out or is raising a baby who isn't yours too hard?


1. prologue


Calum's POV;

I am looking at the new born baby laying in my hands I am going to raise as my own. I love her so much already. The child of the love of my life. A lot has changed in 9 months. Elli and I bought a house. Me and the boys are back on the road again. And Eleanor and I are in a good place right now. Nothing can ever ruin it again. Can it ?

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