The Avengers Movie With Spider-Man

The same 2012 Avengers Movie with the addition of Spiderman and his friends (from the Sam Raimi movies).


2. Battle of New York

The next day, Peter decided to just go back home. He got the earliest flight for New York. It was night time when he got back and he went straight to visit his Aunt May's.

"Oh, Peter!" she exclaimed, hugging and kissing him. "What are you doing home so early?"

Peter walked in and sat down as May went to put the kettle. "I tried to get to MJ's showing in Stuttgart, but I missed it and all the tickets were sold out. She doesn't want to see me anymore."

"Oh, dear," said May. "It wasn't jet-lag that made you miss it, was it?"

Mary Jane was the only one who knew Peter's secret identity now his best friend Harry Osborn was dead. He couldn't tell anyone else, not even his Aunt May. So he said, "Yeah, it probably was."

"You work too hard," said Aunt May. "You must learn to relax more and enjoy your life, otherwise you'll only know what you're missing after it's too late."

Imagine telling Peter that if only Aunt May knew who he really was.



Peter was walking in the city the next day. A man behind him knocked him down. Peter saw the man carrying something that was flashing blue like Loki's scepter. Peter quickly ran into the alleyway and out came Spiderman flying out. He quietly followed him all the way to Stark Tower. He saw some sort of device was being built on the platform of the building. He landed on it.

The old man came onto the platform.

"Look, buddy," said Spiderman. "Whatever this Loki has done to poison your mind, fight it! You can't do this!"

"Well, well, well," said a voice.

Spiderman sensed something and turned around. Loki was behind him.

"Am I too early for the unveiling?" asked Spiderman.

"No," said Loki. "You're just in time. Dr. Selvig is about to demonstrate."

Spiderman turned to see Dr. Selvig walking to the machine. "No, Doctor Selvig." He fired web at Dr. Selvig to stop him moving, but Loki appeared in front of him and caught the web in his hand.

Then Loki caught the end of the web and, with his scepter's power, he zoomed around all over poor Spiderman.

"How does it feel to be tangled in your own web?" Loki chuckled.

Spiderman was all covered in web from mask to boots. He tried to wriggle out but he couldn't. Loki kicked him off the balcony.

Spiderman could feel he was falling down, but even his mask was all webbed up that he couldn't see where he was going. He tried to break free, but he couldn't.

Then a piece of web caught the end of a flagpole on a building opposite Stark Tower. It caught Spiderman, but the sudden catching made the web around his throat gag him so much he fell unconscious.



Peter didn't know where he was or if he was dreaming, but, despite being in nothing but whiteness, it felt real.

"Peter," said an old man's voice.

Peter turned around. "Uncle Ben? Where am I?"

"You're dreaming again, Peter," said Ben Parker.

"Great!" Peter sighed. "I'm having some rotten luck!"

"Peter, don't give up," said Uncle Ben. "You've come such a long way."

"But Mary Jane doesn't want to see me again," Peter sniffled.

"But that hadn't stopped you before," said Uncle Ben. "Remember, with great power comes great responsibility. You can do anything, Peter. Anything."

'Anything' kept echoing in Peter's head…



…and Spiderman's head, too.

With that encouragement, he wriggled harder and he broke free. He shot web to the flagpole to break his fall. Then he saw a man falling from Stark Tower.

Spiderman flew after him, but he saw a red box falling down from the tower, too. It was falling towards the man. Something shot out of the box and it touched the man. It was the armour of Iron Man! He activated his thrusters and flew back up.

"Hey, Iron Guy," said Spiderman flying next to him. "Got thrown off out of your own building?"

"Literally," said Iron Man.

The device on the building was powered up with the Tesseract and it was pointing to the sky. A hole in the sky came and out of it came an alien army.

"So what did I miss?" asked Spiderman.

"Oh, not much, kid," said Iron Man. "Just do what you can to get the people away, while I fight the Chitauri off."

"The Chitauri?" said Spiderman. "That sounds very alien."
"Doesn't it?"

Both superheroes flew off.



Streets were already being attacked by the Chitauri. People were screaming and running as the blasts nearly hit them.

A squad of Chitauri was attacking one street. Spiderman landed on one of the transports and punched and kicked the Chitauri off.

"Everyone, evacuate the city!" Spiderman shouted to the people. "Get to safety!"

He handled the controls of the ship he was on and he worked out how to turn around and fire at the rest of the Chitauri squad.

Then he was shot off. He fired web and flew. Then he heard a huge rumble. He looked up and saw a huge big ship coming down.

Spiderman saw some Chitauri soldiers heading for the subway. He jumped straight down and knocked down one Chitauri soldier and knocked it dead in the face. He snatched its rifle. He tired firing it but nothing came out. So he went for the Chitauri soldiers and started to knock them down with it instead.

The police and the citizens were saved.

"Well done, Spiderman," said Captain George Stacy, father of Peter Parker's lab partner, Gwen Stacey.

"Captain, you've got to get these people on the train and head for JFK Airport!" Spiderman told the Captain. "There will be evacuation shuttles from the people I'm helping waiting for you. Tell everyone around the airport to evacuate too. Now go!” He ran back up the stairs.

"All right, you heard him!" Captain Stacey cried to the people and the police. "Get on the train and head for JFK!"



Spiderman was flying through the city. He saw Captain America, Agent Romanoff and a man with a bow defending themselves from the Chitauri.

He landed on the ground, grabbed a rifle and fired at the Chitauri. Some came close to him so he whacked them away.

"You again?" said Agent Romanoff.

"Am I not allowed to protect my own city?" asked Spiderman.

"Well, I'm just glad you could join us, kid," said Captain America. 

"Who are you suppose to be, freaky bug?" asked the man with the bow.

"I'm your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman, Agent…"

"Barton," replied the man with the bow.

Then more Chitauri arrived, but they were all hit by Thor's lightening hammer. He landed next to them.

"What's the story upstairs?" asked Captain America.

"The power surrounding the cube is impenetrable," replied Thor.

"Thor's right," said Iron Man's voice. "We got to deal with these guys."

"How do we do this?" asked Agent Romanoff.

"As a team," answered Captain America.

"I have unfinished business with Loki," said Thor.

"Yeah? Well, get in line," said Barton.

"Save it," snapped Captain America. "Loki's going to keep this fight focused on us and that's what we need. Without him, these things could run wild. We got Stark up top. He's going to need us to – "

Then a man on a motorbike arrived. He got off. "So, this all seems horrible," said the man.

"You can say that again," said Spiderman.

"I've seen worse," said Agent Romanoff.

"Sorry," said the man.

"No, we could use a little worse," said Agent Romanoff.

"Stark, we got him," Captain America reported. "Just like you said."

"Then tell him to suit up," said Iron Man's voice. "I'm bringing the party to you."
Then everyone saw Iron Man coming around a building being chased by the big ship.

"I don't see how that's a party," said Agent Romanoff.

"Dr Banner, now might be a really good time for you to get angry," Captain America told the man who came on a motorbike.

"That's my secret, Captain," smiled Dr. Bruce Banner as he walked towards the big ship. "I'm always angry."

Then Banner turned into the big green Hulk that was rumoured for many years. Peter Parker tired to take photos and get some proof once but had failed and given up on it, but this proved that he was right in the first place.

The Hulk punched the big ship, which made it crash-land, but sending it over.

"Hold on!" cried Iron Man, firing at the soft bits under the big ship's armour. It exploded.

"Guys," said Black Widow, looking up. Then the boys did.

Then they saw more Chitauri and Leviathan ships arriving from the portal hole.

"Call it, Captain," said Iron Man.

"All right, listen up," ordered Captain America. "Until we can close that portal, our priority is containment. Barton, I want you on that roof. Eyes on everything. Call out patterns and strays. Stark, you got the perimeter. Anything gets more than three blocks out, you turn it back or you turn it to ash."

"Can you give me a lift?" asked Barton.

"Right," said Iron Man. "Better clench up, Legolas."

And they were in the air already.

"Thor, you got to try and bottleneck that portal," went on Captain Amercia. "Slow them down. You got the lightening. Light the bastards up."

And Thor flew off.

Captain America turned to Black Widow. "You and me, we stay here on the ground. We keep the fighting here. And Hulk…"

The Hulk turned around to face Captain America.

"…smash," finished Captain America.

The Hulk gave a quick smile and roared away.

"What about me, Chief?" asked Spiderman.

"Do what you do," said Captain America, "but keep out of trouble."

"Are you kidding me?" Spiderman chuckled. "Trouble's my middle name." And he flew off.



Spiderman quickly caught Loki in his sight and set for catching him in his web. Chitauri transports behind Loki saw Spiderman behind him. They grabbed their rifles and fired at him.

Spiderman dodged the bullets and landed on the first transport. He knocked the Chitauri off and then jumped onto the second one and did those Chitauri warriors off. Then he jumped onto Loki's transport.

Loki turned around and tried to hit the web crawler, but Spiderman caught the end of the scepter. He slammed Loki to the ground.

"Call it off!" ordered Spiderman.

"What? And just surrender like that?"

"Don't make me do this!" warned Spiderman.

Loki just laughed. "You can kill me all you like, but will you be able to rescue them from the Leviathans, too?" He pointed upwards.

Spiderman looked up see the big Leviathans in the sky heading for the escaping airplanes. He looked back at Loki and prepared to strike him down, but he hesitated. The God of Mischief chuckled, knowing he would. But the web crawler whacked the scepter into his face and jumped onto the nearest Leviathan heading up.



Spiderman held on for dear life as he rode the Leviathan high in the sky. He saw another one was about to eat about three airplanes. He shot web at that Leviathan's eyes. That angered it and made it advance towards the Leviathan he was on. He jumped before the Leviathans crashed into each other and fell down.

Spiderman landed on the one of the planes. He saw the nearest Leviathan flying near towards the plane he was on. It began to open its mouth but it missed both the plane and Spiderman. He landed on the next plane and fired web at it. The Leviathan went for him, but he jumped again onto the last plane. Then he turned around and ran for the Leviathan and jumped on it.

Spiderman thought he had succeeded getting the Leviathans away from the airplanes, but only did he notice when his spider senses notice that the one he was on had actually knocked the airplanes down with one flick of the tiniest bit of its tail. The planes weren't damaged but the knock-overs had sent two of them spinning around and speeding down.

Spiderman jumped off the Leviathan, landed on the calm, but quickly descending plane and fired web at the dangerously descending planes by the tails. He fired more webs to stop them spinning like he did to a train that one of his old enemies Dr. Octopus nearly caused to crash. Then they stopped and relaxed more. But all planes were still descending… over Manhattan! Spiderman used all his web and strength to slow them down, but the planes were too heavy and the Leviathan coming for him didn't help at all.

The Leviathan was about to eat Spiderman and the planes when –


Spiderman saw the Leviathan being hit by a missile and getting hit by a squad of Quinjets. Three of them flew to deal with the Leviathan while the other five flew to the planes below.

The hatch of one Quinjet opened and one man stood out. "Spiderman, this is Major Gerber! We are under orders of Nick Fury to help the evacuees! Keep the planes straight for a few moments more and we'll get them out!"

"HURRY!" snapped Spiderman.

The Quinjets opened their hatches and S.H.I.E.L.D. soldiers broke the hatch doors off. They started to escort the people out as quickly as they could while Spiderman did all he could to stop the planes from falling down.

The Quinjets who were fighting the Leviathan all got knocked down. It headed back for Spiderman.

"Uh, guys, any updates?" said Spiderman.

"Okay," said Major Gerber. "You can let go of the plane on your left."
So Spiderman felt relieved as he did.

Soon the plane on his right was emptied. Now there was only the one he was standing on. While he gave his arms a breather, he saw the Leviathan behind him. He ran for it and jumped on it. It quickly rolled back like a rollercoaster. The tail from the Leviathan knocked the Quinjet and the plane, causing it to fall down. Screaming could be heard.

Spiderman looked down. "Mary Jane!" he cried. He would recognize her screaming anywhere and anytime.

He jumped off the Leviathan and entered the falling plane. He found Mary Jane Watson and two S.H.I.E.L.D. agents at the back of the plane. He ran to them.

Mary Jane gasped at Spiderman. "Listen, I wanna tell you – "

"Not now, MJ!" said Spiderman as he picked her up. He turned to the two agents. "Well, come on, guys!"

One agent hanged onto the web crawler’s right shoulder while the other one hanged onto his left shoulder.

Spiderman ran to the end of the plane. He saw the Leviathan coming. He quickly jumped out of the plane before the Leviathan crashed into it.

"Look!" cried the agent on Spiderman's right shoulder. "It's powering down." Spiderman put Mary Jane and the agents on a near building as they watched the Leviathan and the plane crash into the sea.

Spiderman looked up to see the Portal hole was closing and the machine that opened it was deactivated.

"It's over," said Spiderman. Then he turned to Mary Jane and the soldiers. "I'd better go check with the other guys," he told them. "You guys get her to safety." He began to walk away.

"Wait!" cried Mary Jane, as she grabbed his arm. "Listen, I'm sorry. Zombing Around was like a comeback for me and I didn't want to mess it up, but I forgot what's most important."

"I forgive you," said Spiderman, "but we'll talk proper when… you know."

Mary Jane nodded and let Spiderman fly off.



At Stark Tower, Spiderman landed next to the Avengers.

"You had fun?" asked Barton.

"Yeah, I've had fun riding those big things trying to protect the planes evacuating the city," said Spiderman taking his mark off. "And if you don't believe me…"

"Director Fury told us those planes got away safely," said Agent Romanoff. She smiled. "You did great, kid."

"We're having Shawarma later," said Tony Stark, patting Peter on the shoulder. "You're invited to join us."

They walked in to find Loki was crawling on the floor. Then he saw the Avengers above him. Barton aimed his bow at him.

"If it's all the same to you, I'll have that drink now," Loki said. Then his lips were covered in web.

"Sorry, sir," said Peter. "Bar's closed.”

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