Sweet Little Darling: With a Dark Past

When Michael Montgomery, lead guitarist of the band Lux mea Dulcis, finds little Karter, he doesn't know what problems there could be with the little Australian princess. When he finds a fatherly love for the two-year-old girl, he doesn't know what a dark past the sweet little darling could have.


1. Prologue

      "Sara!" I shouted to my wife. Hiding the blade I stalked to the living room.

      I've been planning to kill her, Mila and Karter for a while now. Sara just found proof she needed to turn me in for the murders of the other girls. Now that just couldn't happen.

      Just like those other girls, I had cut the phone lines so the police wouldn't get involved. All I have to do now is find my wife and daughters, then kill all three.

      Other than my breathing and movements, it was silent. I locked all the doors in the house with the keys that only I had so they couldn't have gotten away.

      I stopped walking as I stepped on something small. I looked down and saw Boomy, Karter's little bunny stuffed animal. She loves that thing, Sara's father gave it to her on her first birthday two months before he died. I crouched down and picked it up with my free hand. It's soft light pink fur crushed underneath my strong hands.

      "Hey Karter, look what Daddy has for you. It's Boomy! I think she fell when we were playing our game!" I tantalized her. "You wanna bikkie? Some chokkie?"

      That seemed to be enough as I heard quick little pattering on our hardwood floor and Sara saying Karter's name.

      I turned my body to see Karter's tossed around light blond curls bouncing as she struggled out of Sara's reach.

      "Boomy!" her cute little Australian accent screeched as she slid away from Sara and ran towards me.

      The closer she came, the wider I smiled as I hid the weapon behind me and went to the ground with my arms wide.

      "Hey, Karter." Mila yelled. In her hand was Karter's blanket. The blanket that was covered bottom to top with Winnie the Pooh characters and references. The blanket that was a present from me at her birth. The blanket that she loves more than anything.

      Well played, Mila. I thought. That blanket made her run straight back to Sara and Mila.

      "Smart for a six-year-old aren't yeh, Mila?" I said to her as I grabbed the knife and stalked over to them.

      Sara picked up Karter, who was holding onto her blanket for dear life, up and the three of them ran for the stairs about seven feet from them. Karter started on her way on the stairs, dragging her blanket behind her.

      "Mila, take your sister and run!" Sara screamed at her. Mila rejected her attempts to save her and her sister. 

      "Mummy? What about you?" 

      "Now, Mila, go." Mila grabbed Karter's blanket and hand and together they ran up the flight.

      I did nothing but observe the girls as they worked their hardest to escape. Sara turned her focus from the kids to me. 

      "Daryn, please no. Not them, pleasenot them. I won't tell anyone what I saw, I really won't. Mila can go to school, she has a field trip coming up. Karter can go on her play-dates with Rayn, you know how she always looks forward to those." Sara said. I wasn't stupid, I knew she was just stalling time for the girls to get away. "Daryn, please just spare them. If not for them, then for you. Please, Mila's only six. Karter's been two only since her birthday three months ago. They both love you. I love you, no matter what. Daryn . . ."

      With every word that came out of her mouth I sauntered to her. She came closer to me, saying my name in hope that will change my mind.

      "Oh, Sara." I said stroking her cheek. I took on step back as I added, "If only I cared."

      As if in a flash, I changed my grip on the dagger and slit her throat. 

      I looked into her beautiful sky blue eyes as they filled with tears of betrayal and hurt. I squatted down to look at her. 

      She was beautiful even in death. Her blond hair, usually flowing in the wind as she walked around, now staining red with her body. I caressed her face, from the temple to her jaw. She was the only person I couldn't even ever love. It was a shame that she had to go. 

      A noise brought my attention to the top of the stairs.

      This was what she wanted. She wanted me to forget about the girls, now I'd be lucky if they didn't find a way out. 

      Out of anger I stabbed Sara. I wasn't sure how many times though as I lost count after ten. I stormed up the stairs. 

      I stopped at Mila's room. 

      No, too easy. She'd know I'd look in here first. I thought. 

      So I walked farther down the hall to the room beside Mila's. The room with a lot shade of pink tint colored door. 

      I opened the door to see Karter gone and Mila climbing through the window. 

      "Mila, hurry, hurry! I dunno where he is!" Karter's voice called out from below. She probably climbed out the window onto the toy house directly to the right of the house. 

      "I'm trying, Karter! I just can't make it through." Mila answered. 

      Smirking, I waltzed to my daughter. 

      "Mila!" Karter screamed as I pushed Mila out of the window. She hit the ground hard enough to have a definite break in her spine. 

      Karter looked at me, I looked at her. Her light blue eyes staring into my sea blue ones. 

      We broke eye contact as both of us turned to run. I ran downstairs, and as quick as I could I bolted to where Mila's body remains but Karter was no where to be seen. 

      I had her, I had her right here, god knows where she could be now, I thought to myself. 

      Out of frustration this time, I took my dagger and let it sink and be pulled out of Mila's body over again. It must of been seven or even eight times before I stopped. 

      Then I turned to walk to the stream that runs through our backyard, I held the blade in my hand tightly. I stabbed myself in my stomach, good enough to make it seem like I was hurt, but I could still move. I through my knife into the collected water, then limped to my car do drive to the hospital. 

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