Sweet Little Darling: With a Dark Past

When Michael Montgomery, lead guitarist of the band Lux mea Dulcis, finds little Maisie, he doesn't know what problems there could be with the little Australian princess. When he finds a fatherly love for the two-year-old girl, he doesn't know what a dark past the sweet little darling could have.


4. Chapter Three

Chapter Three



    "I don' like it." Maisie screamed from across the room.


    Boom, thunder shook the house.


    "No! No! No!" Maisie was getting closer with every word.


    "Go away! Leave me alone!" I yelled back, covering my ears as thunder pounded again, followed swiftly by the crack of lightning.


    "Mike?" Ivan's soft, sweet voice awoke me. He and I share hotel rooms usually. Ivan takes one queen sized bed, I take the other.


    "Yeah, what? What?" I shot up, still hearing the faint "no" like an echo bouncing in my brain.


    "Maisie, I think she's having a nightmare." Ivan said looking past me to the small firm beside me. Maisie. I had forgotten I had laid her on my bed when we had returned from our shopping spree. For Maisie, I ended up buying: two shirts, the pink dress, a pair of pants, a skirt, two pairs of pyjamas, three pairs of shoes—black combat boots, sneakers, and light pink slip-on flats. I also bought her some fun things for her to do on planes or during concerts—a colouring book, a movie player along with movies, and a plastic tea set.


    Knocking myself out of my mind and sitting up, I focused on Maisie.


    She did appear to be having a nightmare. Every so often she'd turn over and say "Daddy no, no".


    "I got her, go to sleep, Ive." I heard him walk away and get on his bed. I moved over next to the little girl and tried shaking her awake.


    "Maisie," I whispered.


    "Maisie." I ingeminated, shaking her with more force.



    She slowly woke up with tears rolling down her face, looking around until her eyes found mine.


    "Maisie," I sighed, pulling her onto my lap.


    "Mikey?" she put her head on my bare chest, and I wrapped my arms around her.


    "Shh, I've got you. I won't let anything happen to you." I reassured her.


    "You'll protec' me?" she asked


    I nodded, "I'll protect you, you're safe with me."


    "Even if Daddy comes t' play wif me. Like he played wif Mummy and Mi'a."


    "Even if that happens." Daddy? She has a dad? What did she mean by played with Mummy and Mila?


    Before I could ask anything, she dosed off.

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