You're an Angel (Destiel)

~*~ Dean And Casitel ~*~


3. 3

      "But Gabriel, quit being an idiot." Sam whined.  "No, we have to spy on Dean and Cassy." Gabriel replied, simply.  "But Gabriellll" "Sh, shut up moose."  Gabriel replied.  "Don't call me moose." Sam pouted.  Sam had acting like a baby.  Gabriel insisted the two boys would spy on Dean and Castiel, Gabriel saw Destiel from a mile away.  "Come on, Gabey let's go.  Everyone knows that we're a cuter co-" Sam caught himself mid-word.  "Cuter... co...?" Gabriel says, smirking.  He was shocked that Sam almost couple.  "CUP! We're a cuter cup cause er...." Sam was starting to get flustered.  "So Moose? Do you love me or something?" Gabriel asked Sam.  "Uh, no?" Sam said nervously.  Suddenly Dean and Castiel looked at the two flustered men.   "What the hell is going on? Dean asked.  "N-Nothing..." Sam said to Dean.  "Are you and Gabriel a..." Dean started, smirking.  Dean wasn't shocked.  "Well Gabriel and I.." "Yep, we're a couple now!" Gabriel gave Sam a kiss on the lips to prove it.  "Moose" was taken by surprise, maybe because he enjoyed it.  





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