Another Love Poem

Sometimes it is hard to identify whether you are in love, crushing hard, lusting or infatuated with someone.


1. Here we go again

Love grows 'til the dusk of day

but when the skies darken

it runs away with the night,

only to return at day's dawn.

Once again the blue blackens

and I run towards safety.

The cycle continues.


So if you really love me

reach out to me

if the moon doesn't come up


Fly if you can

for the forest is muddy 

from tears.


The reason I want you?

To drink to the uncertain future,

and join me

where the opening to paradise beckons

I love you

as the stars love the moon


My love for you is innocent like daisies,

two people dancing in the sun.

My love for you is brave,

a refuge from falling rain which forms crystal beads

on honey coloured rose petals.

My love for you is gold,

shining bright like an autumn sunrise.


But is this love or infatuation?

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