Destructive love

I have loved her more than anyone can imagine.
She loves me, but our ideal love is not the same.
I have to choose between forgive or forget her.


1. The beginning


I saw her for the first time with two braids on her hair, smiling and surrounded by a million of friends, she seemed so beautiful to me. Like a month after that, we had to do a homework from school together, and she spoke to me a lot, honestly, she made almost everything, I'm not sure if I scared her, because I just stared at her too much. We went for some food and we started to talk out of the class, we became very good friends, she became my best friend. But obviously, I wasn't her only friend, and not even her best friend, she's really friendly to everyone, but that time I was ok with that.

One day we stayed out of class, because we arrived late and the teachers didn't let us in. We spent that hour together and I was truly happy, in that moment I knew I really liked her, and I really loved her.

I admired her a lot, I see perfection in her, I liked her body, her mind, her smile, her everything. As the time passed we started to hangout a lot, and I just can't deal with the idea of me (a not very good person) with someone like her. 

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