You just moved to Australia for a college scholarship, leaving your family and friends back home in England. You don't know anybody there and find yourself to be lost pretty quickly. Everyone seems to give you dirty looks and you feel alone. That's when you meet drummer Ashton who's in a band with his friends. You become quick friends and do everything together. Will the friendship become more or will the secrets that everyone keeps from each other tear it apart.


7. Roommate

A/N- In this chapter, I skipped till a week later. Just to stop any confusion. Thanks :)

My roommate was moving in today. I had been waiting an entire week to meet her. The only problem as it was Sunday so Ash and I had planned to bring my roommate around for dinner night if she wanted to come. College was starting tomorrow and I was so excited I got everything ready a few days before, including my first day outfit seeing as the first time everyone saw me, I was running in a black hoodie with no makeup on. It was quite early in the morning, I woke up early so that I could sort out my side of the room before my roommate got here to make a good impression.

After I had done tidying my side of the room, I sat on my bed and watched Teen Wolf on Netflix and texted Ashton and the boys on our Facebook Group. After a few episodes the door opened and a beautiful brown haired girl walked through the door. She had a big smile on her face. She ran over to me and gave me a hug.

"Heyyyy! I'm Emily" She said excitedly. I laughed and helped her bring her bags in.

"I'm y/n! I hope you don't mind this side of the room" as I put her suitcase on the empty bed.

"Not at all. Your side of the room looks nice. Can you help me decorate my side of the room?" She asked. 

"Sure. It'll be fun" I smiled and she jumped up and down clapping.

"This is gonna be awesome." She said still jumping as she grabbed my wrists and made me start jumping too. We both started laughing.


We went to Ashton's dorm around 6pm. I went to go knock on the door but I turned to Emily.

"Do you like pizza? Cause that's what were having...I should of asked you earlier" I said quickly.

"Yeah! I love pizza. Favourite thing in the world. I leant in towards the door and noticed I could hear drums and guitars. Then I realised that the other boys were gonna be here too and they were probably practice their songs. They were in a band called 5 seconds of summer, they weren't rally well known they'd only ever played small gigs. I thought they were amazing. I knocked on the door and Ashton opened it.

"Hey y/n, and you must be Emily" he said and shook her hand.

"Hi, I'm assuming your Ash?" She said shyly. He nodded and let her in. 

"Please can you play a song for us?" I begged. They all sighed.

"Introduce us first" Calum pleaded. I laughed.

"Guys, this is Emily, Emily this is Luke,Calum and Michael and you already know Ash" She smiled at all of them.

"Hi" she said and they all ran up and gave her a hug. She laughed and wrapped her arms around them too. They then returned to their instruments. Ashton played drums, Luke was lead vocals and guitar, Michael was lead guitar and vocals and Calum played bass and vocals. They played Try Hard and Emily and I danced through the whole of it.

"You guys are amazing!" Emily screamed. The boys all laughed and sat down on the sofa to watch a film. We joined them and waited for the pizza to arrive.

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