You just moved to Australia for a college scholarship, leaving your family and friends back home in England. You don't know anybody there and find yourself to be lost pretty quickly. Everyone seems to give you dirty looks and you feel alone. That's when you meet drummer Ashton who's in a band with his friends. You become quick friends and do everything together. Will the friendship become more or will the secrets that everyone keeps from each other tear it apart.


2. Plane Delay

I sat down on one of the sofas in the airport waiting room and checked my snapchat. My friends back home were all having a party and were putting all of it on their stories. I felt the need to constantly check it because I didn't want to end up having to sit through a 200 second story at once. I giggled at my screen as a video of my friends popped up, they were clearly drunk and were trying to do karaoke. All of my friends said I had the musical talent out of the group because I know how to play guitar and sing sometimes; I always told them that I wasn't that good and would compare myself to major artists like Beyonce or Ellie Golding. I'd like to think I'm as good as them but I know I'm not. 

"Attention everyone, all connecting flights to Sydney, Australia and Miami, Florida have been delayed by 2 hours. Sorry for any inconveniences." The speakers blared through the airport.

I stared at the speaker and my jaw dropped.That means that I'm not gonna get to the college till after midnight. I slumped back into the sofa and let out a sigh. I had no idea what I was going to do for 2 hours. I checked my social media's for a final time before deciding to go to Starbucks. I bought a giant hot chocolate and sat down at a table that was tucked away in the furthest corner. 

After finishing my hot chocolate I decided to go and sort myself and seem slightly presentable. I went into the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. I wasn't wearing any makeup and my hair was in the most disgusting messy bun. I opened my carry on bag and took out my makeup bag. I put on concealer, winged eyeliner and mascara, just to make myself feel a little bit better. I took my hair out of the messy bun, shook my head and put my long blonde locks into a messy fishtail braid. Satisfied with my work, I put my makeup bag back into my carry on and went back to the waiting room.  The delay seemed to go by quickly and before I knew it, it was 20 minutes to my flight so I head over to my gate and got on the plane.

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