You just moved to Australia for a college scholarship, leaving your family and friends back home in England. You don't know anybody there and find yourself to be lost pretty quickly. Everyone seems to give you dirty looks and you feel alone. That's when you meet drummer Ashton who's in a band with his friends. You become quick friends and do everything together. Will the friendship become more or will the secrets that everyone keeps from each other tear it apart.


5. Locked Out

The boys decided that they would show me around Sydney. We stayed out until it went midnight playing football in the park. We then made our way back to our dorms. When I got to my door I rummaged in my bag for my keys. I couldn't find them. I started to panic as I realised that I had left them in my room when I was in a rush earlier that day. I couldn't even go down to the office to ask for a spare as it was shut. I remembered that Ashton's dorm was just down the hall and decided to knock on the door. Luke answered and smiled.

"Hey, you alright?" He asked looking at me concerned.

"Yeah, I'm good is Ashton in?" His smile weakened.

"Yeah, I'll go and get him now". He turned from the door and walked into the room. A few seconds later Ashton came to the door.

"You alright?" He asked. I hesitated for a second but I needed to ask him.

"I've locked myself out of my dorm, is it okay if i stay here for the night?" I looked at him desperately. He smiled weakly and laughed at me.

"Sure, as long as you don't mind Luke being here." He said. I nodded and he let me in.

I walked into the dorm and looked around. It was quite small and smelt a bit funny but I was grateful that he let me stay. Luke was playing Mario Kart on the floor with his back facing me.

"ASHTON!" he screamed. "What did y/n want? Is she alright?" he turned his head and smiled when he saw me stood there.

"She locked herself out of her dorm so she's staying here for the night." Ashton explained and Luke nodded his head and continued to play his game.

Ashton went into his room and returned with fleece blankets, a few pillows and a big t-shirt. He handed them to me and I smiled.

"Thank you for this!" I whisper and he smiles.

"It's alright! he bathroom is in there if you wanna change." I nodded and proceeded to the bathroom to get changed.

When I came back into the room Ashton had set up the sofa for me. He walked up to me looking me up and down. I felt a little insecure as I was only wearing a t-shirt. 

"Do you mind sleeping on the sofa because you can sleep in my bed and I could sleep on the sofa if you want." I shook my head.

"The sofa's fine" I said. Luke switched off the Wii and went to his room.

"Goodnight Ash" "Goodnight y/n" he said yawning.

"Night Luke" We said at the same time, making us giggle.

"Well...I better go to sleep too" Ashton sighed. "Goodnight y/n"

"Goodnight Ash" I winked and he laughed.

I turned off the lights and fell asleep on the sofa.

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