You just moved to Australia for a college scholarship, leaving your family and friends back home in England. You don't know anybody there and find yourself to be lost pretty quickly. Everyone seems to give you dirty looks and you feel alone. That's when you meet drummer Ashton who's in a band with his friends. You become quick friends and do everything together. Will the friendship become more or will the secrets that everyone keeps from each other tear it apart.


15. Don't Blame Him

It had been a few weeks since Ashton had left hospital and Calum and him hadn't been talking. Calum always seemed frightened to approach him and seemed guilty when we were all together. Emily and Luke seemed to be fine but they didn't spend as much time together now. Nothing really happened to Michael. I mean of course it did but everything else going on was made to be such a big deal that no-one really had time to listen. It made me feel guilty that I didn't make enough time for Michael,he really was an amazing friend and he hadn't seemed his best this week.

I walked over to him, where he was sat on his bed with his knees tucked to his chest. He was staring out of his window looking at the sky. I sat on the bed next to him.

"What you looking at?" I asked quietly. I didn't know why I was whispering it just seemed that if I had spoken in my normal voice it would stop him thinking about whatever he was thinking of.

"The birds." He replied with his eyes still glued to the sky. "All of these birds fly in groups and behind most of those groups is the rare 1 or 2 birds that have been forgotten and left behind, like the other birds don't even care that they're there" He turned to face me and smiled weakly and looked back out of the window. I could see that he had been crying. I chose to let it be for the meantime and talk to him later. I patted him on the shoulder and left him room closing the door gently behind me.

Michael's POV

I definitely need to tell her. She's the one I trust the most. She's the only one that actually realises I'm here. Ashton and Calum are too busy ignoring each other because of Calum's stupid text and Luke was too busy trying to keep himself out of the friend-zone with Emily. 


"Guys this needs to stop!" I looked to Ashton and then to Calum. I sat down on a chair that was between them and told them to sit next to each other on the sofa. Calum shook his head at me slowly whilst Ashton strolled over to the sofa and made a big point of slapping the sofa when he sat.

"What the hell is wrong with you two" I crossed my arms and waited for an answer. 

"HE COULD HAVE KILLED ME!" Ashton screamed at me and he stood up and stormed out of the dorm. I looked at Calum, he was biting his nails and tapping his fingers on the table.I looked at him hoping that he would start talking to me and as if he had read my mind he looked at me and began explaining what had happened. 

"well...pretty much I sent Ash a text that made him crash. 

"what did the text say?" I asked nervously biting my nails myself.

"just something about you knowing about him and his ex and he read whilst he was driving....." He paused for a while before talking again.

"I'm sorry I cant do this" He said and quietly went to his room and shut his door.

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