You just moved to Australia for a college scholarship, leaving your family and friends back home in England. You don't know anybody there and find yourself to be lost pretty quickly. Everyone seems to give you dirty looks and you feel alone. That's when you meet drummer Ashton who's in a band with his friends. You become quick friends and do everything together. Will the friendship become more or will the secrets that everyone keeps from each other tear it apart.


10. Beach Trip

We sat in the lunch hall we could have left ages ago but we all wanted to stay for lunch.

"What about the cinema?" Michael suggested. Everyone groaned.

"We went to the cinema last week" Emily complained. 

"What about the beach?" Calum said excitedly. Everyone looked at each other with smiles on their faces.

"Sure me and Em will come" I blurted out before Emily could say no. The other boys agreed too and we planned to head to the beach after lunch.

After lunch we all ran back to our dorms and Michael and I raced to see who could get there first. I was ahead until the last 10 meters when Luke grabbed me around the waist and stopped me from running.

"HEY!" I screamed in his ear and he let go.

"OWWWW! I think my left ear and stopped working." Everyone laughed and we went into our dorms to pack our bags. Emily left before me and said that she would see me in a bit.

Ashton's POV

"Dude, I really think it's time that you ask out y/n" Michael whispered to me.

"I want to but I've only known her for a week" I said shoving towels and speakers into my bag. I really liked y/n but I just thought that she wouldn't feel the same way. When I kissed her I thought she might have liked me but I don't know.

"Just ask her out" Luke, Calum and Michael all sang. I looked at Luke.

"What about Emily, Luke?" I mocked. He gave me evils and shook his head.

"Not yet" he said quietly looking at the floor.We all looked at him.

"Luke? Has something happened between you?" He simply turned around and started to pack his bag. I knocked for y/n and Emily wasn't in.

"Where's Emily?" I asked y/n. She looked at me confused. 

"I thought she was with you guys and Luke" she replied. We both stared at each other confused. I told her that Luke had acted funny when we mentioned her. We needed to find her.



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