FNAF Horror?

The night guard has heard all of the stories of this restaurant. The killings, the rumors, the horror. He takes the job and and expects to be killed by the so-called "Haunted" animatronics. But instead he gets this? NOTE: Thanks to the creator of the FNAF franchise, Scott Cawthon. Awesome games dude! :)


1. Taking The Job


       "You're taking the job! Are you crazy?!" Paul shouted. "Dude, calm down. I just wanted to see if the rumors were true," I replied. "'Dude' my butt! Of course the rumors are true! You see a killer killed these five chil...blah blah blah..."

       Hi, my name is Johnny. I am one of those people who are not gullible and believe in stupid rumors. For example, the one my friend Paul is talking about right now. Of course these stories of the "Freddy's Pizzeria" restaurant are fake, but I decided to take the job of night guard to prove it.

       "...blah blah, and that's what happened." Paul ended confidently. I shook my head disappointedly. "I've heard it from you thousands of times, just stop," I said. Paul flashed a mad face at me, and said,"No."

     I swear I'm not the only person who is annoyed by dumb things that can break friendships in pieces. "Anyways, see you tomorrow after my first night," I said.

     "Don't go! You'd be dead by tomorrow!" Paul said worrily.

     "Whatever" I replied.

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