Deliver Us From Evil

Winner of the 2013 historical fiction contest, Lauren Mercier has refurbished her popular story about St John’s Reformatory School for Boys. A dynamic, emotive story of innocent lives being stolen by the Catholic Church in 1930s Ireland. Telling the real life stories of many people though the usage of fictional characters, follow Ava Doyle on her quest to free herself from the clutches of evil in order to reunite with her beloved family. She was stolen, abused, and broken – but she will never give up.


1. Authors Note

Authors Note:

When I wrote ‘Deliver Us from Evil” I was young and an inexperienced writer. I am still so appreciative of the positive reception the story got the first time around. You all were so friendly and many people encouraged me with my writing. It’s through that reinforcement that I’ve been able to gain the confidence to become a blogger, a published writer and a writer for a magazine.

I decided to ‘revamp’ the story, by this I mean I’ve gone through and rewritten the majority of it. I've kept true to the original plot line. I’ve only changed the way I’ve written the story. I hope that you’ll enjoy it the second time around. I also hope that it will bring in more people to understand what happened to the individuals who were the inspiration for this story.  


Lauren Mercier.

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