If straight was gay and gay was straight

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2. Whole thing

What is more right than the other? Can you even say that one is better than the other? What is rightful and what is disrespectful when it comes to our personal predilections and sour opinions? Which one deserves the pleasant spot in society and which one should be disrespected on daily basis? Should a living human being have to live with the dream of walking down the aisle with the love of their life well knowing that it’ll never be fulfilled? And should one be able to walk down the street and have people yelling hateful words after them, just because one is holding hands with the person they love? Is this the community you want your children to grow up in? What if they’re on the “wrong” side of sexualities? What if they committed suicide because all the hate was aimed at them like a gun, intending to wound and kill the minds of the innocent?

And all our preconceived ideas of what it all means are just conspiracies of how we’re supposed to be. But is it just society’s ugly state of mind or are we all our own unique breed of a monster? An unwritten law in society’s genesis? Is that what it is? The ultimate sin?

Have you ever heard of the phrase “once bitten, twice shy”? If not, look it up. I think it describes pretty well how the victims of all our prejudices are feeling, when they try to be themselves but gets shoved right back into their closet. Try imagining being in this tiny room. You feel the walls closing in until you can’t breathe and your whole body is caught up in the adrenaline from the panic flowing through your limbs. This fierce tingling and anxiety is like electricity shooting through your veins, rushing to get out somehow. But you can’t let it out. You need to keep living in this tiny room even though you can’t move. Because you know that if you open that door and walk out into your natural habitat, it’ll be much worse than being suffocated in your own discomfort and the carbon dioxide from your screaming. Hyperventilating. What more can you do?

But is it really that bad to be attracted to the same sex? What’s the worst thing that could happen? The worst scenario? Why shouldn’t it be a good thing to be a variety in life? Variety is the spice of life. Why deny it? Why hinder the growth of us all? It could be the most positive thing that would ever have an impact on us. Impact on the way we speak, the way we think and the way we act. It could be such a helpful happening. Such a needed growth in the society we’ve created. A new perspective on how the world was designed to be.

I, myself can’t see a fair explanation to why it should be such a harmful thing to be. I mean come on, you can’t forbid people to love. Especially not if your argument is religion. Sure you can say that you can’t do something because of your religion, but you can’t ever tell another person that they can’t do something because of your religion. You’re the one who has to follow the rules of your faith. Now, if you turn the tables you wouldn’t want me to tell you that you couldn’t do something because of my religion. You would think something like this, “who are you to tell me what to do and not to do?”.  The double standards have to be deleted from this world. Nothing good have ever been a result from double standards.

If all the beings who’ve been hateful towards people with different sexualities would just put the shoe on the other foot, then maybe the world would become a much greater place to be a part of. And then maybe, just maybe, I could think of them as human beings again.

Only pain, hate and revolt have ever been the result of our hateful ideas. Our cruel conspiracies and theories that will never be proved to be true. The desolation of an empire will happen. The desolation of our empire, our creation and our design will happen.

The ideal destruction.

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