He Changed Her

While enjoying Australia with her best friends Troian receives terrible news. Trying to deal with the bad news she walks off and meets a handsome kind stranger, Liam, they keep in touch and develop a close relationship. Troian's friends think highly of Liam at first, but then they notice slight differences in Troian's behaviour. Is Liam really that good of an influence on Troian?


3. You again

Under other circumstances, like a scenario where my dad hadn't called me to say my mother left our family because of me, I would have totally wanted to follow that boy to the restaurant. Not only because of the thought of good food though. The thought of spending time with that kind of gorgeous boy was pretty good too. But guess what, my father did call me to tell me that and I really am in this shitty situation.

Walking out of the MacDonalds where the girls and I ate the first day as well, I was thinking about my next move. I really don't know where I should go, I feel lost even though I know exactly where I am. I know that if I turn right here at the end of this street, I can get on a bus that stops straight in front of our villa. If I remember correctly it goes every 15 minutes or so. The problem is, I don't want to go home.

Not because of the reason I gave earlier, that my friends would be mad at me, because I know they wouldn't even be close to mad. I know they would be so understanding and kind, but I really don't need someone to be kind to me at the moment seeing as I don't feel like I deserve it at the moment. I feel completely broken and awful.

Seeing as I have no idea what to do for the night I decided to go back to the bench I spent those 2 hours at earlier this afternoon. Once I got there I quickly scanned the beach for people. No one in sight, not even the boy who I ran into twice this day already. I don't know why, but that kind of made me sad, not really sad, just a tad disappointed. Even though I'm not really up to socializing, the idea of getting to know that stranger is pretty appealing. Shit, I don't even know this strangers name. Well, it doesn't really matter, does it? I will probably never see him again.

I sat down and ate my Big Mac menu. Once I started eating I couldn't stop, within 2 minutes the entire meal was gone. I stared at my milkshake and sighed, realizing I made a mistake walking away from the villa when I did. I should've just gone back in the pool and enjoy the rest of my vacation, not worrying about this divorce and pretending everything is okay. If I had done that, I wouldn't have had to tell my friends what happened and that it is all my fault. I wouldn't have made them worried for my safety, because I am just realizing now that I ruined their day. Shit, why didn't I realize that sooner. I should go home.

While I stood up I heard noises behind me. I turned around and saw the boy I saw earlier. I detected a hint of relief inside me, but it faded away quickly.

"You again? Are you stalking me or something?" I said, with a small crack of a smile.

He grinned. "What if I am?" I gave him a brief smile and waited for him to say something. "Well, it's kind of true. Not the stalking part though, but I am indeed looking for you. I thought maybe you had gone back to the bench and yeah.. turns out I thought right."

"Why were you looking for me?" I wondered.

He swallowed. "I don't want to intrude on your privacy or something.... but I was concerned. I could notice that you weren't okay earlier today, that you were holding up appearance. Besides that, you don't seem like a local and I have like this thing for sad tourists." The last bit he said with a short chuckle.

I smiled. "Oh, that's like your thing?"

"Yeah, kind of" he laughed, "no, but seriously, I was worried. The guy you borrowed the phone from earlier is one of my mates and he received a call back from your friend. I took the call and she told me that you ran off out of the blue or something. I could hear stress in their voice, they are really scared for you, you know? Seems logical, as you've been gone for like 10 hours now."

I looked guilty. "Are they really that worried?"

"They are worried sick! I promised them I would help look for you as I thought you had maybe gone back to this bench." There was a brief silence. "Maybe you should call them, let them know you're fine, that they shouldn't worry."

I nodded "If I could borrow your phone?" He took it out of his pocket and gave it to me. "I must look like such a problematic and overdramatic girl right now, sorry."

He smiled. "Maybe a little, but who knows what good reason you have."

I chuckled and dialed Eva's number. "Eva, it's me. I just..."

Eva interrupted me before I could finish my sentence. "Troian!!! Please come home, we are worried sick. Are you okay? We are downtown right now, looking for you, if we hurry we can be home in 5 minutes."

"Eva, I'm fine... sort of, I will be anyways. I am just on my way home. I'll see you there in 10 okay?"

"We'll be there. You can tell us everything that happened! See you in 10." And with that she hang up.

I sighed. I felt no desire whatsoever to explain myself, but I knew I had to. I turned to the boy and gave him his phone back. "Thank you" I smiled.

"Glad to hear you are going home, lass." He nodded. "Should I drive you there? Or would you rather prefer to walk?"

"You rented a car?" I asked in surprise, knowing the prices of a rental car here in Tweed Heads are sky high.

He laughed, "No, no, I own one. I live here."

"Oh really?" surprised once again. "You don't have an Australian accent though, are you like on a break between college or something?"

"Yeah, kind of. I graduated high school last year and I decided to take a year off before going to some boring University."

"That's awesome" I said, impressed by his adventure. "So you are like 19 now?"

"Yeah, just turned 19 last month," he smiled, "so what about that ride?"

I doubted, "Uhmm, though I really appreciate the offer, I think I want to walk."

"That's fine." He nodded. "Is it okay if I walk with you?"


We started walking along the coast line, in silence at first. Not like one of those awkward silences, more like one of those very nice and peaceful silences. I enjoyed it, I enjoyed his company.

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