He Changed Her

While enjoying Australia with her best friends Troian receives terrible news. Trying to deal with the bad news she walks off and meets a handsome kind stranger, Liam, they keep in touch and develop a close relationship. Troian's friends think highly of Liam at first, but then they notice slight differences in Troian's behaviour. Is Liam really that good of an influence on Troian?


6. Wanna hang with us?

It’s almost half past 10 and I still haven’t gotten a text from that boy. Checking my phone has become something like an obsession for me. Cat and Eva started noticing. “Troi, why are you constantly checking your phone? Are you waiting on news from the home front or something?” Eva asked with a concerned look on her face.

I shook my head, “no, I was waiting on a text from my employer back in Amsterdam. I want to take a few days off when we get back.” Eva nodded and we changed the subject.

“Okay,” Liv smiled, “next player is…. Cat.”.

We were playing a game Liv downloaded on her iPad yesterday, it’s a drinking game called iPuke. It basically tells you to either do a strange, humiliating and awkward assignment like letting your neighbor squeeze your boobs for 10 seconds, or it makes you take a couple of shots. The amount of shots you would have to take, depends on the level of awkwardness of your assignment. So you have to choose to do the assignment, take the shots or do both and with everything you do, you earn points.  Cat grabbed the tablet from the table and ticked on the screen. “Oh my god, this is a bad one.” She laughed. “I don’t know about this one guys, it doesn’t really strike me as…. eh.. appealing.”

I grabbed the tablet out of her hands and looked at the screen. “Put three ice cubes in your underwear and keep them there until they melt.” A hard laugh came from the corner of the room. Eva was already in the kitchen, looking for ice cubes. “This one is hilarious, Cat, you have to do this!” I begged her, “Come on, please.”

Cat sighed, “Fine, I will, but no pictures okay. It will totally look like I pied myself and I don’t want some strange rumor to start.” She took a deep breath and put the ice cubs Eva brought her in her pants, her eyes widening immediately. “This is.. not.. okay.” She breathed through her teeth, “ohmygod, this is cold, this is so so so cold, oh my gg..”

I laughed so hard I was afraid of my pants getting just as wet as Cat’s. After we calmed down a bit, I saw it was my turn to pick a card. I tapped the screen and read my assignment, “text your parents: I’m drunk, or take 4 shots.” I swallowed, thinking back to the troubles back home and quickly took 4 shots, luckily nobody said a thing. They know it is still a bit of a touchy subject and they don’t want to force me, the sweethearts they are.

While the girls immediately went on with the game, I checked my phone. Oh my god, I got a message. Maybe it’s that boy from yesterday. “I gotta go to the toilet real quick, be right back.” I said, as I walked towards the hallway.

“Don’t drown.” Cat yelled and I chuckled.

I sat down on the stairs and opened my text, really hoping it was that boy. “Shit,” I mumbled. It was just my provider sending me the message, Welcome to Australia and informing me over the charges for calling and texting over here, for the 6th time, bloody hell. I think I know the costs already, jeesh. I sighed and walked over to the toilet, might as well go to the loo for real right?

I sat down and closed my eyes, listening to myself pee. This must sound weird, but it is so calming. Why is it that I only ever notice how drunk I am, when I am peeing, when I rest my head on my hands or against the wall?. It seems like every time that I pee, I get a reminder, stop drinking, you are drunk already. But I don’t want to stop drinking, I want to get wasted and forget about everything. I want to get so drunk that I get in a state of total ignorance. That’s what I want.

When my phone beeps I jump a little. Oh my, did I just doze off a little? I chuckled, that would be a kind of embarrassing, but who cares. It is a holiday, holidays are meant to enable you to be a bit strange. I checked my phone to see that I received another message from somebody. I gasped. It’s from him! It’s him, the boy from yesterday. The boy whose name appears to be Nate. ‘So, how is our sad tourist doing this fine evening? Or are you past the caring point?  (with an emoticon of a glass of wine) ~ Nate.’

I chuckled and started to form a reply;

‘I’m doing much better now, thank you. And what if I am past that point? ;) ~ Troian.’

No, that’s not good enough. I erased the message. ‘This sad tourist isn’t sad anymore ~ Troian.’

The longer I looked at it, the more I started to have doubts, I erased the message again and sighed. Why is it so hard to think of something good to text back?

“Troi, are you alright?” Liv’s voice sounded from the hallway. I quickly flushed, washed my hands and opened the door. Without saying a word I handed her the phone. She frowned and looked at me first, then at my phone. She gasped, “OMG, he texted you!! You know what this means right? You are  going to have to invite him over! You promised, remember?”

I smiled, “Yeah, Yeah, I certainly remember that promise.. but first, I have to send him the perfect message back. What do you think I should say?”

“Maybe something like, I am pretty fine actually, having a total blast over here. ~ Troian.” She tried, “No, wait, this one is better.” She typed and then gave my phone back to me.

I’m doing quite alright actually, it should be noted that I’m taking your advice to heart! Hahaha ;) ! Troian.” I read, “This one is perfect, Liv! Thanks.” I hit sent immediately, before I could change my mind.

We both stared at my phone and impatiently waited for a response. After what seemed like forever, my phone beeped again. ‘After having had the pleasure to meet sad Troian, do you think there’s a chance I can meet happy Troian as well? What are you doing tonight?’

My heart started pounding, “oh my god, Liv. I think he wants to meet me tonight.”

Liv jumped up and down. “Yes, finally. Come let’s ask the girls if they are fine with us inviting them!” Together we rushed to the living room. “Guys,” Liv said, ”yesterday, Troian met a new guy and she was wandering if she could maybe invite him and a couple of his friends over.”

Eva frowned, “Wait, when did you meet him?”

“We are talking about that guy that you were on the phone with, the one who brought me home. He texted me just now, asking how I was doing and what I was doing.” I gave her a little pout, “can I invite them, please.”

Cat enthusiastically answered, “Of course you can. Is this boy by any chance in possession of really handsome friends?” She raised an eyebrow and gave us a cheeky smile.

Thinking back to the two friends I met on the beach and who I saw driving by I nodded my head, “He certainly does.” I chuckled, “Eva, what do you think?”

She doubted, but finally said, “I trust you know whether he can be trusted in our house while we are all a little bit drunk?” My head nodded so wildly that Eva laughed. “So yeah, you should invite him.”

“Okay, but first,” Cat chuckled “First, I’m going to change to an outfit where it won’t look like I pissed myself. I’ll be right back!”

“Yess, thanks guys. I’m texting him the invitation right now.” While typing, I read the words out loud, “‘That seems really nice. We are just hanging at our villa, do you and a couple of your friends wanna come over?’ Does that sounds cool?”

“It’s perfect.” Cat screamed, while jumping the stairs.

 “Yeah,” Liv nodded, “send it!”

I hit send and poured myself another drink. “Here is to an amazing night!” A smile was plastered on my face.

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