Abused Mute

A girl named Alina gets abused at home from her dad. She never lets it get in the way for he school life though. She's not just abused she is also a mute. Will Calum Hood save her? Read to find out more.


1. Chapter 1.

Alina's POV

"You are worthless, you should have died not your mother and Lenny! It's all your fault that she's dead!" My father yelled at me before he punched me in the stomach. " We never loved you, we only kept you because we felt bad to let someone else to take care of you and so your sister was never alone. Just die!!" I knew he was lying when he said my mother never loved me, because me and my mum were so close. He was right about two things though, I should be the one who died. It's all my fault that she died. If i kept my mouth shut when we were playing hide and seek they would still be alive. " Stop day dreaming and listen to me! You are a piece of shit, No one wants you in this world! Now get up and clean up the blood and go to your room!" My dad then punched me in the ribs and face a couple more times then left for the bar like every night. I get to stay home and clean up his mess.  

I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Alina Avina.  I live with my abuse father, Felix Avina. I use to have a twin, her name was Lenny Avina. My mum was Sara Campbell. She was Scottish and Irish. My father Puerto Rican and Mexican. So that would make me Scottish, Irish, Puerto Rican, and Mexican. I was not always mute I just turned mute when my mum and sister got murdered. 

We were playing hide and seek and I told them they had to go hide in the living room while I counted in my room. I heard screaming so I ran down stairs to see them covered in blood life less on the ground. I screamed and cried, but it never helped. I just never wanted to talk to anyone anymore because I lost my best friend and my mum. I was only 6 at the time so I have been mute and abused since then. 

So to go back to the present I am right now finishing up wiping the blood from the kitchen tiles. I only had 10 more minutes till I had to be in the ring. You may be wondering what I mean by ring, well lets just say I am one of the most best street fighters in Australia. I don't really use my name, my street name is Lenny. I wanted to use my sisters name. I first started when I was 15, and I am 18 right now. I am undefeated. 

I had to run to my room to change to a sports bra and my running shorts. I only had 5 minutes now. I guess I have to run all the way there. It is only like 2 blocks from here. So I grabbed my bag (with water, my hoodie, Nike shoes, keys, and my lady things for emergencies) and started running to the alley. 

I made it there just in time. 

"Is Lenny here and ready to fight?" the referee asked.

I ran to the middle of the circle so he knows that I am here.

" Okay Lenny today you will be fighting the one and only, Roxxie!" 

She was an easy fight for big money. 

" You both know the rules, there is no rules. First one to tap or gets knocked out lose. Tonight the money is 500k. Lenny are you ready?" I just nodded to tell him.

" Roxxie are you ready?" 

" YEAHHHHH!!" Roxxie screams. 

" Okay, ready, FIGHT!!"

We started off by circling each other. She tried to punch my face but I dodged it. I then got a perfect shot to punch her in the stomach. She then started to walk back words and tried to gain balance. But when she wasn't into it I pushed her to the ground and punched her multiple times. She couldn't take it anymore so she tapped out.

" The winner is Lenny!!!" The referee screamed. The crowd erupted into screams. I just grabbed my money and ran home. 

You all might be thinking, " Why don't you just fight back to your dad?" Well to answer that, I deserve to get hit. 

When I got home I just took a shower and went to bed, hoping school will get canceled for some reason.



Hope you guys like it. I tried my best. I know it didn't have Calum Hood in it yet but just wait till the next chapter. Bye luv ya.


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