The Time To Choose

Love is in the air at school. Who will Chloe choose out of all the boys who want to date her? Her best friend, a super cute guy, a nerd, and lots if other guys all want her to date them but who will she choose. Find out now


1. Day One

Chloe's POV

I can't believe that every guy in this school wants to date me. Even my best friend. I wake up and get my black skirt, a blue t shirt that says "I got my own style" some leggings and blue high tops. I put my hair into a curly braid and go down stairs for some waffles. After breakfast, I walk outside and there is Jack, as always, waiting for me to go to school. He looks at me, miles an says "morning beautiful, ready to go?" I nod my head and get in the car. As we are driving he says to me "Chloe, I love you more than a friend, remember that ok?" I say yes and we pull into school. We walk to our lockers and when I get there, no other than Tommy Hadders is standing there with his gang waiting. I go up to him and say "what do you want jerk?" If you didn't know, Tommy is my ex from last year who just used me to become popular, and now he isn't anymore. He looks at me with a smirk and says "babe, I want you to be my girl again" I push him aside and say "You? Psh not making THAT mistake again" and all of his friends start laughing till he shushes them. " all right Chloe, not now, but one day" and he walks away.

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