The special girl

The story is about a girl. She thinks she's normal but she has some powers she doesn't know about. She meets a new guy who protect her and she somehow comes to a new world where something waits for her. She gets in danger and needs to safe that world --read it here

Sorry, I've only made 4 chapters so far but I'll try to write more as fast as possible!


3. chapter 3

The bell was ringing and we could go home. I packed my stuff and walked over to Maria.

"Yes I am." Maria packed her stuff and we walked out of the classroom.

"I'm so happy that we don't have any homework for Monday. I don't want to spend my weekend on making homework." Maria said. We walked and talked until we had to go our own way.

"Well,case you on Monday, and be careful on your way home. I don't want you to get hurt." Maria said.

"Don't worry, I'll be careful. Tank you for your concern."

"Of course I'm concerned about you. You're my best friend and I love you. Many girls are after you and also some jerks. It's a mystery why they are after you, but still be careful." I smiled at her. I was really happy to have such a good friend like her. We waved goodbye to each other and walked away. I was looking where I was going so that I'm not going to bump into someone. I looked around, then I got my eyes on a tree where there was a little birds nest where some young birds were ready to spread there wings and fly away. One of them were already in the air and was doing great until it was falling down. I ran over to catch the little bird and did. The young bird looked scared.

" you're save now, don't worry little friend." I smiled at the bird and the bird was feeling safe in my hands.

"You have to be more careful little one. I don't want you to get hurt." I sat the bird down in the birds nest. When I stood there a sound came from behind.

" you saved that little one huh?" I turned around and saw that it was Peter.

"Peter? Why are you here? Are you following me?"

"No no, I just saw you. I saw that you ran over to save that little ones life." I looked away.

"Listen Peter, this is maybe a stupid question, but why are you always so close to me? I mean, you are always nearby and helping me when I get in trouble.. That reminds me, my dad said that a young boy named Peter found me and brought me home, it was you wasn't it?"

"Yes it was me. I saw you sit there in the dark corner and decided to bring you home."

"But where do you know where I live?" Peter was quiet. He began to laugh a bit.

"Hehe, that's a good question." Doesn't he know or? ~thought bell~

"The truth is, that I was secretly walking with you home so I could see where you lived. Sorry it seems a little creepy." He took his hand behind the back of the head in shame.

"Oh, okay that explain it." I smiled at blushed at the same time. It was a bit awkward situation.

"Well, I've to go. See you on Monday."

"Yeah, see you on Monday." He gave me a fast hug and then walked away. I blushed even more. He's a mystery. I still don't know why he always is around me. ~thought bell~

"I'm home." I walked in and closed the door.

"Welcome home. Did you have a good day?" I looked at my dad. He had a bunny costume on.

"It was okay, but why do you have a bunny costume on?"

"Don't mind me, I lost a bet on the job." I giggled and walked into my room and laid down on the bed.

"Finally weekend, no more school for 2 days."

The time was 06:00 pm and the dinner was ready. My dad had still the bunny costume on.

"How long are you going to have that bunny costume on?"

"Until Monday."

"Ooh, haha." I sat down on the chair and began to eat. It was quite until my dad said something.

"Bell, do you want some Friday's candy? And some dessert?"

"Yes of course."

"Okay, but you have to buy it yourself."

"Couldn't you have said that before?" He smiled.

After we finished eating I took some money and walked down to the supermarket.

"See you in a bit." When I opened the door, it was all dark.

"Thats weird, we are in June so it shouldn't be this dark." I looked up at the sky and then walked. It was quiet, there was no one outside. It was like it was winter and everyone already was in their beds sleeping. But it wasn't winter, it was summer and really hot. When I was at the supermarket I saw a girl from my class. It was her who gave me nosebleed. I found all the things fast and bought it. Then I walked fast always from the supermarket and hoped that she didn't see me. I could hear my own footsteps. But it was a bit weird I could hear some others too. I turned around and saw a tall man. I couldn't see him, how he looked. The only thing you could see was his eyes sparkling in the moonlight. I turned around and walked faster. When I've turned a corner I ran as fast as I could. I looked back and saw the man was walking faster. I ran faster. Finally I was at my home and opened the door. I breathed fast.

"Well that was fast. Did you run?"

"Yes I ran, I had to so the ice cream won't melt." He smiled and took the ice cream out in the kitchen. Who was that man? ~thought Bell~ I looked out of the window, there was no one outside. I walked out to kitchen and are my ice cream. After that I walked up to my room, opened a drawer and took a necklace. I closed the drawer and laid down on my bed.

" I miss you mom. I will always have this necklace by my side." I closed my eyes. Suddenly I was fallen asleep. My dad knocked on the door and saw that I was sleeping. He smiled and took the cover over me. He saw that I had the necklace on my hands. He walked out and closed the door.

"She miss you darling. She miss her mom. She's almost in that age where she have to know the thing, but I don't know how to explain it to her. You know more about that I do. I wish that you still was here." He got tears in his eyes and walked into his own room.

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