Sometimes, things are meant to be.

And sometimes they're not.

Unfortunately, the difference isn't always clear. And accepting that things aren't meant to be can be difficult. Sometimes, it's nearly impossible.

ob·ses·sion: /əbˈseSHən/
*the state of being obsessed with someone or something.
*a ruling/consuming passion.
"He cared for her with a devotion bordering on obsession."


1. Prologue

As you get older, you'll hear the question a hundred times: Do you have any regrets? My answer is no. There are certainly things I've done that I'm not proud of. But the way I see it, every decision I've made in the past, good or bad, has led me to where I am today. Am I happy? Yes. Did everything turn out as I thought it would? Absolutely not.

Then there's that other question you hear a lot: Would you change anything if you could go back in time? I struggle to come up with a clear cut answer for this one. If I say yes, isn't that the same as admitting I have regrets? If I have no regrets, then I can't truthfully say yes. But if I say no, that means I'm okay with everything that has happened, including the difficult parts.

I think of him every time I hear either of those questions. I don't regret any of it. But I often wonder, if I'd done anything differently, would it have changed the end result?

Despite everything, I still love him. I know I shouldn't, but I have no more control over it now than I did then. He taught me that love sometimes makes us think and act irrationally. It happens to even the most intelligent and rational people. That's why I don't blame him for anything. It wasn't his fault any more than it was mine. And he couldn't couldn't control his feelings any more than I could. The heart just wants what it wants...


A/N: This is the story of a girl who forms a bond with a band member during a concert roadtrip with her friend. The first few chapters deal with the evolution of their infatuation with 5SOS. These chapters are based quite a bit on reality, so if it doesn't seem super exciting at first, please keep that in mind and wait it out a few chapters. Because, unfortunately, my reality isn't nearly as amazing as the fanfic world. ;p I've thought about condensing the first part to get the ball rolling quicker. But I think those chapters are important in showing that she's was just a normal person like us, who tried her best to get noticed, but never expected it to happen. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. :)



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