simone became friends with kelly because kelly vomited on her shoulder when she was drunk. kelly's 'boyfriend' Tate was a player and snogs a different girl every second day. suddenly tate spots simone but she has no interest in him.


2. meet

Simone felt the warm slop fall down her arm and onto the floor. “Oooommagodddd I’m sho shorry” the drunk girl said. Simone took the drunk girl by the arm and led her to the girl’s toilets. Simone shut the door and it was finally quiet enough to hear herself think. The girl threw up the last bit of her dinner in the toilet and came out looking like she hasn’t slept since 1880. “Are you alright?” Simone asked. “I’m fine” came the reply but it was all sluggish. Simone washed her arm and her dress in the sink. “I’m really sorry about the puke that was a really pretty dress” the girl apologised.

“Its fine, it was a hand me down anyway”

“I’m Kelly” the girl said


“Saw Jayson with his hand halfway up your shirt, he’s a creep don’t like him” Kelly advised

“Thanks, was that…” Simone didn’t finish because Kelly was no longer looking at her, she was making out with a guy next to her. The guy looked familiar. The guy turned and looked me up and down, whispered something in Kelly’s ear that made her giggle and walked off. “Was that Tate Langdon?”

“The most gorgeous boy I have ever seen, international swimmer and sprinter” Kelly burst out, “… Also my boyfriend” She added smugly. “I’m just surprised that out of all the girls he could’ve chosen, he chose me.”

Simone new that Kelly wasn’t the only girl Tate had chosen, she had seen him snogging other girls by the pool where he trained. But she didn’t tell Kelly because she looked so happy.

“Hey, you what we should do sometime…” Kelly said. Simone snapped out of her thoughts.

“What should we do?” Simone replied.

“We should meet up for a coffee sometime, I’ll bring Tate and he will bring one of his mates for you.”

“Um thanks but I’m not interested in any boys till next year” Simone confessed.

“But next year is so long away, have you even kissed a boy?” Kelly almost shouted.

“Nope” Simone shrugged.

“What about Jayson just then” Kelly pointed out.

“Well that doesn’t count because he kissed me, I mean sure heaps of guys have kissed me but I haven’t kissed anyone… haven’t dated anyone either, I have been asked but I never said yes.

“Playing hard to get are ya?” Kelly jeered.

“Haven’t told anyone that..., consider yourself lucky” Simone looked at Kelly’s shocked face and cracked up. “I’m kidding about that last part but I actually haven’t told anyone this because everyone just thinks I have nothing to tell so they just go on and on about their problems”

“Well here’s my number, call me sometime and we can meet up” Kelly finished.

“Thanks, here’s mine, well it was nice meeting you, and see you soon.”

Simone walked away to find Hayley and her friends but she couldn’t find them. Must’ve gone home or with a boy somewhere. She looked back to where Kelly was but she was gone. Simone felt alone even though there were people everywhere dancing. She decided to leave. Simone walked out into the cool night air and headed home. 

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