simone became friends with kelly because kelly vomited on her shoulder when she was drunk. kelly's 'boyfriend' Tate was a player and snogs a different girl every second day. suddenly tate spots simone but she has no interest in him.


3. coffee house

Simone got a phone call the next day. It was from Kelly. “Hey”

“Hey, come to the coffee place at 5 this arvo, I have someone you might want to meet” there was a smirk in Kelly's voice.

“of course, see you then”



Simone entered the coffee house and saw Kelly with her tongue halfway down Tate’s throat and there is an awkward looking boy and looks in my direction. He was cute but not Simone’s type. Kelly finally pulls away from Tate and waves Simone over. Kelly introduces Tate and the awkward looking boy called Toby. Simone says hi and Tate starts talking to her, well to her boobs anyway.

“Hey, come here” Tate commanded.

“Why? I already know about all the girls u have kissed while dating Kelly, it’s not right” Simone replied.

“Then you shouldn’t be bothered by me kissing you” Tate grabbed her by the arm and starts making out with her.

Before Simone can pull away and slap him in the face, Kelly walks past with tears running down her face.

Simone pulls away and kicks Tate in the groin and runs after her friend. Kelly is sitting on the curb sobbing. “Kelly I…”

“Omg I can’t believe you kissed him, I thought you were my best friend” Kelly screams

“He kissed me and had me locked and I couldn’t get out, but I think you deserve better”

“Oh sure so I will move on and you will get Tate all to yourself”

“I don’t want Tate, he’s a creep and he’s been kissing 100 other girls when he has been dating you”



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