simone became friends with kelly because kelly vomited on her shoulder when she was drunk. kelly's 'boyfriend' Tate was a player and snogs a different girl every second day. suddenly tate spots simone but she has no interest in him.


1. club

Simone walked into the club, the loud music, yelling and heat slapped her in the face. She saw her friends dancing and singing really badly. “Drunk” she thought as she watched her friend vomit and fall into it. “Definitely drunk”.  She walked over and said hi but her voice was lost in the pounding music. Hayley gave her a cup full of ‘punch’ and staggered to the dance floor. She saw an empty booth and walked over. Didn’t have any vomit on it which was surprising so she sat down and took a sip of spiked punch. She looked around, about 75% of the people here are drunk.

Her thoughts trailed off as a cute looking boy stepped into her field of vision. He waved which was just as well because there would’ve been no she could’ve heard him over the music. Simone patted the seat next to her and he sat down. The guy stank of alcohol. She was about to say something when he leaned in and started snogging her. She pulled away and said she didn’t even know his name. “Jayson” was the answer. “Simo…” her voice lost as he pressed his mouth to hers and his tongue came in like a baby bat trying to fly. His hand crept under her shirt past her rib cage and she pulled back and walked away. “Come back beautiful” Jayson called with drunk longing. Simone shuddered and headed to Hayley who was slow dancing with a boy with shaggy brown hair and a large nose. She stopped and turned and a drunk girl vomited on her bare shoulder. 

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