Bye baby


1. Why I cried

I miss his smell, and the way he sucked on his fangs when he was nervous. I miss the way he played violin like it was the easiest thing in the world. I miss the way my head melted into his chest when we cuddled. Penny labors her ass off trying to find where he was taken to but I know we won't find him. The nupties have stated clearly they were NOT letting my boyfriend go until his family paid the ransom. Baz's stubborn as hell family insists that they will find him and murder my baby's attacker,I want to kill them with my hands so Baz never lives in fear of them.

6 weeks go by along with countless amounts of breakdowns. How can I not think ' what if he is being tortured right now. What if he just got killed and here I am studying for a final!" This shit rocks me to the core.

Ring ring ring. I assume it is Penny but the caller ID states other wise." Simon Snow," Fiona" we have found him and I feel you should come to the manor to see how he is." Stunned silence fills my air then I am looking for keys while bawling. I pull up and run in to my fanged baby's home,sobbing mind you, and go to kiss him." Simon hey love!" He says before coughing up blood( obviously not his own so we will have to put some more in him.)

" Babe I am not going to make it." Numb is all I felt when he said these simple words. His black eyes glistening with tears not for him but for me. How do you live without the only thing you love." I want you to light me in fire so it goes quicker" The last few days were crazy and filled with sex tears and promises. So when the day came it was simple,for Baz.

" I love you Simon Snow I love you so much." These were tyrannous Bazaltin Grimm-Pitches final words before he dropped the match in holy oil and went up. In a perfect story Iwould tell you how I morned him for years only to fall back in love have kids name one after him ect... I must tell you the truth about the night I went to Baz's grave on February 20th the day he died and looked at my darkened sunshine's stone and lifted a heavy weight in my hand I kissed freshly turned soil and said " see you soon baby." A bright light and a boom later he and my love were together again.

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