Till the A.M.

Lilly is a high school student in California, with a weird sense of style, called emo. Believe it or not she is a huge fan of JB, knowing she will never ever get to actually meet him, she still continues to search for his phone # and house #. She never succeeds, until she gets a random call.................


1. Searching and Searching.......

Its not really hard to know that I'm emo or that I like Justin Bieber but some people don't see that he saved my life. It all started when I was 14, I started cutting.... I started to listed to music to keep me from doing it but it never really seemed to work. Then one day I went into the bathroom, reaching for the blade on the bathtub. Then Where Are U Now came on my phone and it just all of the sudden made me stop, so here I am now, a massive Justin Bieber fan girl. I am 3 months clean because of him. Right now I am trying to find his phone #, no luck so far, sadly. Well I have keep searching. beep beep beeeep.  On the third ring someone picked up. "Hello?" It certainly did not sound like Justin. "Um hi, I think I have the wrong number, sorry." "Its ok love, but have a nice day anyway." "I will, bye." Once again, another, unsuccessful attempt to contact him, I might as well just give up. I lay my laptop on the floor beside my bed and go change into my jamies. I call for my dog Jasper to come and lay with me. Jasper climbs on the bed and lays at my feet like always. I pull the blanket over my head and fell asleep.

              ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????  I will upload more in a few hours or days so be patient.......plz........​          


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