I hate you i love you (Niall)

Skyler had a hard life until she bumped into a blonde haired boy with an Irish accent at the store. Will she go with her rescuer or the boy that took her mind off of her bad life?

P.S this is my first time writing so....


30. whose this?

A week has past and Four and I are driving to meet the boys at the airport. When we arrive their are a bunch of screaming fans outside. I show the security guard our tags to let us in. "Flight 281 from Las Angeles will be landing in 5 minutes." The intercom said

We look a seat and waited for the plain to land. "Flight 281 just landed." The intercom said again

"SKYLER!" Liam said

"LIAM!" I yelled as I started to run to him. When i got to him I wrapped my legs around him and hugged him "I missed you." I said

"I missed you too." Liam said

I hugged the other boys and went back to Four. "Where's Niall?" I asked

"Oh he went to the cafe to get some food. He should be back soon." Louis said

"Cool." I said taking a deep breath. Four noticed I was acting weird and he laced his fingers in mine.

"So Four is it how does sky know you?" Liam asked

"Oh we were best friends in high school." Four said

"What happened?" Louis asked

"He went to college in California." I said

"Worst mistake ever." Four said

"Don't beat your self up it wasn't your fault." I said

"It is if I was their your brother wouldn't have beaten you every day." He said

"Wait what? Your brother beat you?" Zayn asked

I gave Four a death look "um yeah." I said

"Liam did you know?" Louis asked

"Yeah every one knew except for you and Zayn." Liam said

"Wow Skyler I thought you trusted us." Louis said

"Lou I'm so sorry I didn't tell you." I said

"Why didn't you tell us?" Zayn asked

"I was embarrassed by the fact that my brother beat me okay." I said

Then Niall walked over hand to hand with Selena Gomez. "Hey." Niall said to me

"Hi." I said flatly

"Whose this?" He asked pointing to Four "I didn't know you had a boyfriend."

"I don't this is my best friend Four." I said

"Hey." Four said putting his hand out to shake Niall's

"Let's go." Niall said without shaking Fours hand

"Niall your such a-" I started but I decided not to finish my sentence

"I'm a what Skyler?" He asked stepping closer to me

"What's wrong with you Niall?" I asked

"What's wrong with me? It's more like what's wrong with you Skyler." He said

"Back away from her." Four said

"Don't tell me what to do!" Niall yelled

"Let's go." Liam said parting Four and Niall away from each other

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