I hate you i love you (Niall)

Skyler had a hard life until she bumped into a blonde haired boy with an Irish accent at the store. Will she go with her rescuer or the boy that took her mind off of her bad life?

P.S this is my first time writing so....


21. TV with the boys

When we got to the house we changed and sat in the couch. "Let's watch football!" I said excitedly. I found football on tv and turned on the channel. The chargers and the Broncos were playing.

"Um I thought we were going to watch football." Niall said

"This is football." I stated "TOUCHDOWN!" I yelled

Zayn snickers to Louis about something "what's this?" Louis asked.

"Football." I said "what other kind of football is their?"

"Well this isn't football." Niall said he got the remote and changed the channel to soccer.

"Oh you wanted to watch soccer?" I asked

"Soccer?" Niall asked "this is football."

"Niall it's not football this is soccer." I said

"No it's not." Niall said

"Is to." I said

"Is not." He said

"IS TO!" I yelled

"IS NOT!" He yelled back

"Okay um well guys guys stop yelling." Liam said "Skyler we call what you call soccer football. Niall Americans call football soccer." He always had a way to calm us down.

"I'm sorry for yelling princess." Niall said

"I'm sorry for yelling first Niall." I said then he placed his lips on mine I got in the moment and we forgot the boys were their and looking at us.

Someone cleared their throat it was Liam "Gosh guys get a room." He said and they all started laughing. I looked down and started blushing "don't mind them." Niall said pecking my lips and turned on my football. ~BZZ~ it was Niall's phone

"Um hello?" Niall said "wait why?" He asked "that's not fair" you said sh-" "ugh fine yeah whatever bye." He said ending the call

"Who was that?" Harry asked

"The manager." Niall said

"Wait why?" Liam asked

"Remember what I asked and he said yeah to?" Niall asked

"Yeah." Zayn said

"Wait what did you ask?" I asked

"Well he called back and said no." Niall said ignoring my question

"That's unfair." Louis said

"I know that's what I said." Niall said


"Sky we are going on tour in a week and I asked the manager if you could go with us." Niall said

"He said yes but then said no." I said "oh well it's okay I'll survive."

"Yeah but I won't." Niall says

"You'll have to." I say staring at his lips. They look so soft and kissable.

"So are you going to kiss him or keep on staring at his lips?" Liam asked. Niall looked at me and I looked at him it was a perfect moment but it became more perfect when he softly planted his lips on mine. Oh and they were soft. Then it turned into a deep make out session. We totally forgot the boys were here.

"Atta boy!" Louis and Liam yelled

"Guys." Niall said blushing

"What?" Harry said

"Leave." Niall said

"No." Harry said why was he acting this way "I'm not going to let you two get into it."

"Why?" Niall asked

"Because she deserves someone better then you." Harry said

I spoke up and said "some one like you? Screw you Harry." And I walked upstairs

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