spies and assassins-The Prolouge

Join two of the world's greatest spies, Femke and Alex, as they hunt down their enemy assassin, Shalidar. However, Femke is 'assassinated' and without her help, Alex sees very little point and gain in completing the mission as she is not very experienced. The fate of Shandar hangs by a thread. To restore order, Alex must pay a terrible price...

This is the first book in the series..
watch out for the second book coming out soon...


5. The Story begins...

'' General Surabar. Your spy, Femke, wishes to speak to you. She says its urgent.'' the servant said.

''Tell her to come''

A few seconds later Femke burst into the room, her raging fire of anger in her eyes blazed heat with such intensity, it was a wonder why the door didnt melt. Femke spent no time on greetings.

'' Reynik betrayed the ISN. He's working with the assassins!'' she blurted out.

'' What?''

'' Its true. Shalidar manipulated him in working for the guild. I guess he thought Reynik's skill was worth it.''

'' We need Ale...'' The General started.

'' Mail for you.'' the servant said as her opened the door and came to the General's study.

'' Thank you, Ladice.'' Surabar said as he received the piece of parchment.

'' Who is it from?'' Femke asked impatiently.

'' Its from Alex...'' 


Dear General Surabar,

I am so sorry that I abandoned you, Femke and the mission. I guess that I felt I wasn't worthy enough to be an Imperial spy. Apologies aside, I have found some wicked information- Reynik has joined the assassins. This means he would want the assassin that appeared earlier this week to take your place. However, getting this information has lead me into trouble. Please send Femke to rescue me from the police station at the western part of the city.

Again, I seek your forgiveness,



'' GREAT!'' Femke's voice was thickly lased with sarcasm. Getting Alex out of trouble was the last thing she needed.

General Surabar smirked. This was going to be one of the most colorful adventures Femke and Alex will ever encounter...


This is the end of fire and fury. The rest of the adventure will continue in a sequel coming soon. Dont forget to follow me and like the book. I follow back.






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