Young Summer Love - 5SOS

What happens when someone young and famous decides to have feelings for you and you need to decide whether or not you have feelings for them too.


17. What's Happening Next?

Chloe's POV

It's officially a day before we go on the world tour with the boys, Luke's coming over in a couple of minutes to help me pack and is staying the night before we fly out at 5am tomorrow morning. I have just retrieved my suitcase from the garage and have laid it on my bed when I hear a knock on the door.

I open the door to find no one there so I step out the door before being hugged from behind.

"I missed you"

"But you only saw me yesterday"

"But I missed you and I want to show you how much" I was then pulled inside my house and the door closed behind me.

"What are you doing Luke?"

"Showing you how much I missed you"

"Well take all the time you want my mum's going to me us at the airport tomorrow" he then comes up behind me again and snakes his arms around my waist, I then feel his lips on my next kissing all the way up to my jaw line before I turn around and place my lips on his. 

About 2 or 3 minutes later I had ended up on the couch with Luke hovering over me placing small kisses from my forehead, to my nose, down to my lips, then my chin and down my neck before lingering probably figuring out what he was going to do next. Luke then stands up before putting one arm under my legs and the other on my back picking me up and carrying me to my room, I was just snuggling into the crook of his neck enjoying the scent of his after shave. 

"What do you want to do now?" he asks after he had placed me on my bed and lied down next to me.

"Anything you want to"

"You mean anything?" he said turning to me with a smirk.

"I'm not trying to be mean but I only want to do it when I feel ready and it's in the heat of the moment"

"Whatever you want squirt"

"And with you that moment is anytime" I say jumping on top of Luke and pressing passionate kisses to Luke lips. You can probably guess what happened next.


(1 Hour Later)

"I need to pack" I say getting out of bed.

"Can't we just stay in bed for the rest of our lives?" Luke says staring intently into my eyes.

"No, plus I'm excited to see different countries, also you got a treat so now you need to treat me by taking me overseas with you"

"Alright" Luke was crawling out of bed and soon standing up looking around for his clothes.

"Looking for these" I said throwing him his jeans and boxers.

"What about my shirt?"

"I couldn't be bothered with finding my clothes so I grabbed your shirt instead", "we should start packing"


We finished packing about 45 minutes later.

"What are we going to have for dinner?" I ask.


"Awesome, go have a shower, I'll ring the pizza place", "pepperoni?"

"Thanks and obviously" Luke says pecking my lips walking to the bathroom to shower.


(On the phone)

"Hi I'll have 1 medium pepperoni and 1 large pepperoni"

"Is that all?"

"And I large coke"

"Okay that comes to $26"

"Okay and how long will it be?"

"30 minutes"


I heard the shower turn off which meant Luke had finished.

"Hey the pizza will be 30 minutes are you finished in the shower?"

"Alright and why do you want one?"

"Yeah, I'll be back in a few secs"

I jog to my room and grab my pj's before walking back into the bathroom to see Luke completely naked.

"You could have at least wrapped a towel around yourself"

"You've seen it all today"

"Whatever" I start stripping down until I'm in my underwear.

"What are you waiting for babe?"

"You to get out so I can have a shower"

"I won't look, plus I'm still getting dressed"

In this point of time I can't be bothered arguing so instead I just strip until I'm naked and hop in the shower.


Luke's POV

I open the door to see the pizza being delivered.

"Hey here's your pizza"


"Oh my god you're Luke Hemmings, the Luke Hemmings"

"That's me" I say scratching the back of my neck.

"Could I get a photo"

"Yeah hold on a sec let me get a shirt on"


"Hey who's at the door babe?" Chloe said walking past the kitchen up to me.

"The pizza, the girl who's delivering wants a photo, I was just getting a shirt on"

"K, where's your wallet?"

"Over there" I said pointing towards the kitchen bench.

"You ready for that photo?"


"Oh my god, thanks so much for the photo"

"It's all good" Chloe was now standing next to me with the money.


Chloe's POV

"So how much is the pizza?" I ask, the girl looked towards me with a bitter expression.

"$26 who are you?" she asks with glare in her eyes but in a nice tone.

"My girlfriend" Luke says putting his arm around my waist.


"Here's the money" I say giving it to her and taking the pizza's, saying thankyou and closing the door.


"Thank god the pizza has arrived" Luke said taking a slice from his, we were currently sitting on my bed.

We finished all the pizza about 30 minutes later, I was feeling full and tired so I brushed my teeth, when I came back Luke was lying under the covers on his phone.

"I'm stuffed"

"Me too" he replied.

"Goodnight squirt"

"Goodnight breadstick"

I kissed Luke on the cheek before turning over and closing my eyes. I felt Luke pull me towards him so I snuggled into him and fell asleep.



Hey, so I think I'm going to start a new fanfic, I don't know what it's going to be about.

It probs will be a LH fanfic again because I like writing those and I've got a few thought in mind, I might start it in a few days, thanks for the read keep them up.


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