Young Summer Love - 5SOS

What happens when someone young and famous decides to have feelings for you and you need to decide whether or not you have feelings for them too.


7. Something new

Luke's POV

Last night I set an alarm so that I wouldn't sleep in, once my alarm woke me up I went to go have a shower in my hotel room that I shared with Ashton. After my shower I got dressed I was debating whether or not I should wear my board shorts but I decided to put them in a bag with some thongs as well and I'd just borrow a towel from Chloe. I wore my 'you complete mess' singlet, some shorts and my maroon coloured snapback plus my black vans. I then went down stairs to the dining area in the hotel and grabbed some breakfast.

By the time I got back to my hotel room is was basically time for me to head to Chloe's, so I went back down stairs after I picked up my bag and drove over to Chloe's. On the way in the car I was listening to Good Charlotte - Lifestyle of the Rich & Famous, by the time the song finished I was driving up Chloe's street ready to pull into her drive.


Chloe's POV

I woke up about ten this morning an hour before Luke would arrive, the first thing I did was go and have a shower to smell nice and be clean. After my shower I went back to my bedroom and put on a floral jumpsuit with tan sandals, I quickly made my bed and then went downstairs to the kitchen to make my breakfast which consisted of vegemite toast and a glass of orange juice. By the time I had finished breakfast there was about 15 minutes until Luke got here so I just straightened my hair and left it down, because in the mean time it had air dried. I had just finished my hair and there was still 5 minutes to go so I applied a tiny bit of waterproof mascara and then I waited in my room till Luke got here. Did I forget to mention that I kicked Chelsea out of the house today and made her find something to do for the day.


Luke's POV

I pulled into Chloe's driveway and hopped out of my car, the driveway was really steep so I carefully walked down it so I wouldn't slip and make a fool of myself. Once I got to the door I knocked and waited for Chloe to open it, once she did I was greeted with her jump on me giving me a hug and knocking me to the ground with her coming down after me. We got up and walked into the house going down stairs and me being hit with an amazing view of the ocean. The space had consisted of the lounge area, the dining area and the kitchen that was surrounded by tall windows, outside there was a deck that was looking onto the ocean.

"You like it?" she asked.

"Do I like it no" she had a frown on her face, "I don't like it I love it" that's when her face light up like the sun from excitement.

"Well at least you love it"

"So what do you have planned for us today?"

"I was thinking maybe we could go down to the beach and then when it gets too hot we can come back here and if we have time we can have a movie marathon"

"Sounds like a fun day"

"I've already packed the car with the towels, umbrella and picnic blanket it just need to put the food into the car, I packed it last night"

"Do you need to change into your bathers?"

"Yeah, what about you?"

"Yep, you go first" I said trying to be a gentleman.


(Skip to the beach)


Chloe's POV

We arrived at the beach about 30 minutes later and had laid our towels down and set everything else up. Luke and I both decided it would be nicer in the water so we sprinted into the water so our feet wouldn't burn on the sand, I reached the water first and the next thing I knew Luke had picked me up like a bride and slowly walked further into the water carefully setting my feet on the sand under the water. We were in the water for a good 30 minutes before we had a race out and had lunch taking our time eating all the delicious fruit and vegemite and cheese sandwiches.

We couldn't stand the heat any longer so we made a decision to go home and instead have a movie marathon.

I had a quick shower followed by Luke. While he was in the shower I hopped into some comfy shorts and singlet, putting my hair in a messy ponytail and walking down stairs laying our a variety of movies such as both the Anchorman's, Finding Nemo, Mean Girls, Captain America and so on. Luke came down maybe 5 minutes later and I had already set up the DVD player and put popcorn and drinks on the table, with the ice cream still in the freezer.

"So what movie do you want to watch first mister?"

"How about one of the Anchorman's and then you can choose"

"Alright which Anchorman?"

"Anchorman 2"

We barely watched the movie we were talking to much getting to know each other more. By the end of the movie, I don't know how but I was cuddled up next to Luke quite comfortable not wanting to move. The movie finished at about 4pm and I thought it would be a good idea to put another one in so I popped in Fast and Furious 7 since by far it was my favourite one out of the lot. I resumed my spot cuddled up next to Luke after I put the disc in.


Luke's POV

About half way into the movie Chloe got up and grabbed some cookies and cream ice cream and we both ate it out of the tub finishing it by the end of the movie, talking about the end of the movie Chloe was snuggled into my chest half asleep, I just left her there and went on my phone about 5 minutes later I heard Chloe say something, but I didn't know what she said until she said it again.

"What's the time Luke?"

"Hold on just let me check my phone", "it's 7pm, why?"

"Do you want to go out and grab some dinner?" she asked me.


I was back in my original outfit and so was Chloe so we went out and got some fish and chips, I got some chips, fish and a potato cake. I never knew they sold it but Chloe got a battered hot dog and chips. We watched the sun go down after we ate our food Chloe somehow again was snuggled into me but I didn't mind. The sun had nearly set when Chloe looked up at me and said something.



Hey guys hope you're liking the story I don't know if people really like, but I have been enjoying writing it so yeah.


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