Young Summer Love - 5SOS

What happens when someone young and famous decides to have feelings for you and you need to decide whether or not you have feelings for them too.


10. Part 2 - Seconds Date with Hemmings

Chloe's POV

Luke and I were in the car for another 15 minutes before we arrived, he tied a blind fold around my eyes so that it would be a complete surprise to me for the second part of our second date. 

"Ok, now hold my hand so that you don't trip over"

"K" I answered.

"There are some stairs", "two more to go"

"Are we nearly there?"

"Nearly, turn left"


"Annnnd, we're here"

He stepped behind me carefully untying my blindfold and throwing it behind him. Within a instance he slipped his arms around my waist giving me a kiss on the cheek while I tried to take all my surroundings in. He started to giggle and I didn't know why.

"What are you laughing about?", "are you laughing at me"

"Well sort of, maybe, yes"


"Because you should have seen your face when I took the blindfold away, it was priceless, but adorably hot and cute"

I turned around so that I was facing him and gave him a little push in the chest, but he retaliated by pulling me in tighter than before.

"What did you do that for missy?"

"Because you tease me too much", "p.s I kinda like it, but don't take that as an invitation to do it all the time"

"I won't"

"So who set up this picnic?"

"Me, why"

"Well I thought you would have gotten the boys and Chelsea to do it"

"Well they did help, but I told them where to put everything and I helped set up"

"It's certainly breathtaking and I bet every single girl in this world, no universe would want to be here with you, so I guess that makes me the luckiest girl in the universe"

"It makes me the luckiest guy in the universe being here with you"

By Luke letting me know that I'm at least special to him makes me like him even more, I didn't want to kiss him just now and give him the wrong idea, so I decided to wait for the right time.

"Come on let's go sit down and eat"

"The question is Luke, what is there to eat?"

"Almost anything you can think of"

Luke and I were sitting down under this beautiful maple tree, sitting on a picnic rug on the grass having almost finishing all the food when I felt a drop of water fall onto my face.

He looked over to me seeing the water that had splashed onto my cheek wiping it off. About a minute later it started pouring down with rain.

"Let's go have some fun"

"What in the rain?"

"Yes in the rain"

Luke grabbed my hand and pulled me out from the somewhat shelter that the tree gave us and out into the rain. It was a sudden shock leaving me glued to the spot for a few seconds not being able to move. When I started to move again Luke picked me up from behind and threw me over his shoulder.

"Put me down Luke"

"You wish"

"I'm not joking, please put me down" I whined.


Luke knelt down onto some grass that wasn't as wet and placed me down onto my back, his arms either side of my head. I couldn't hold it back any more and I don't think Luke could either, I wrapped both of my arms around his neck pulling him closer to me, a second later I felt Luke's sweet soft lips against mine once again. I pulled both of my legs around his waist bringing him closer to me again, my body wanted no space between us. Luke started to pull at my hair tangling his fingers in it, by this time we were absolutely drenched like we both had just gotten out of the shower, Luke stood up leaving me holding on for dear life. I started to kiss his neck while Luke made his way to our original spot under the tree where it was semi dry.

I broke away for a second jumping off of him so that he could sit down, I then hopped back on him straddling him leaving less than half a millimeter between us pulling his hair gently causing him to let out little moans.

A few minutes later we were still kissing, Luke had left a few love bites down my neck, I was enjoying this moment way to much. Luke laid down making me fall on top of him, he roughly turned over so that he was in dominance on top of me. I had the urge to unbutton his jeans but Luke had beaten me and had already pulled my top over my head leaving me in my bra and my pants, I slipped his t-shirt over his head and undid the button on his jeans. Luke pulled my shorts down and over my feet me being left in just my bra and underwear, thank god I had chosen a cute pair of lingerie to wear today. We kissed for another minute incorporating tongue into the kisses now.

Luke pulled away leaving me wanting more, but he just sat beside me.

"I don't think it's the right time just yet to you know"

"Now I don't get you Luke, we get this far and then you stop"

"I guess that makes us a pair then and that's why I love you Chloe"

I grabbed hold of him and kissed his cheek, then jaw line.

"You ready to go home now, or do you want to stay with me and the boys tonight?"

"If I'm not intruding could I stay with you tonight and invite Chelsea over"

"Cool, tell me when you know"

"How about I give her a ring now and you start packing up"

I left before Luke could answer and rang Chelsea, I knew there was no point in ringing her because I already knew her answer. (forgot to add the part of us getting dressed)

Luke had finished packing up by the time I came back from the call. We quickly stopped off at my house on the way letting me pick up some clothes. Chelsea followed behind us in my car, it took us about 10 minutes to get to where the boys were staying.

"You do realize that Chelsea and I are only staying here for a few more days until we leave, when are you guys leaving?"

"Well we were going to leave in about a week and a half but, I feel like at the moment I just can't live without you"

"You truly feel like that way, because..."

We had just arrived outside of the hotel and Chelsea parked next to us. I wound down the window to speak to Chels.

"We'll meet you in there Chels"

"What's their room number" she asked.

"Room 216" Luke answered.

"Thanks, don't be too long"

"We won't" Luke and I answered in unison.

With that Chelsea left and walked into the hotel.

"So what were you going to tell me chef Rose?"

"You truly feel that way, because Luke I now know that I have lots of feelings for you I just can't explain"

Luke didn't hesitate with kissing me.

"Chloe, would you do the honors of being my girlfriend?"

"What makes you think you need to ask the question", I didn't need him to answer the question I just softly kissed him then hopping out of the car and I grabbed my overnight or more bag. Luke came around my side of the car and intertwined our fingers holding my hand tightly.

When we walked into the room all of the boys jaws were touching the ground and so was Chelsea's, looking at our hands intertwined.

"I'm guessing you two are a thing now?" Michael asked.

"What does it look like" Luke answered smartly.



Chloe and Luke are now officially a couple, let's see what drama comes following.


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